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  1. bigmachine

    Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    It's not an official map, but Premiere Sponsors and above can check out the map I've made based on personal observations. The map has oDAS sites (like the ones on Mulholland Drive) and Mobilitie small cell sites as well: http://s4gru.com/forums/topic/7794-la-metro-small-cells-odas-map/
  2. bigmachine

    Discovery Time: Next-Gen Dual Band 10 port 800 / 2.5 configurations

    Great writeup! Here's what I believe is a 2.5/800 setup in Los Angeles. Until recently this site had no B41 antenna. Apologies for the poor picture. https://imgur.com/SSYejnu
  3. bigmachine

    Happy birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  4. bigmachine

    Anatomy of a Sprint Triband Hexadecaport (16 port) Antenna Setup

    I noticed this while driving, so I don't have a picture, but it looks like Sprint is also using a different antenna in LA Metro. It wasn't the KMW antenna pictured here, but it had more beveled front edges and was mounted next to an existing NV 800/1900 panel. Is there a scenario where a 12 port antenna + the existing NV antenna would be used instead of a single hexadecaport antenna? (It had more ports than an 8T8R antenna, but it didn't look quite look like 16.)
  5. bigmachine

    Network Mapping

    Anyone sign up for the Sensorly beta? https://medium.com/sensorly/announcing-the-sensorly-beta-1534639d3e9c It looks like they’ve added the ability to review trip mapping with signal strength depicted.
  6. bigmachine

    Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    Yes, most Clear sites have the Nokia MM gear, but so do a lot of the Mobilitie sites. Since I don’t have SCP it’s hard to say what it’s picking up on. I believe B25 is A block and G block in LA. Points to the south may be different. And I have yet to see any B26. I seriously doubt it’s on air for the general public.
  7. This is old news, but I didn't see it posted. Back in December the City of Huntington Beach reached an agreement with Mobilitie for small cell deployments on the city's light poles: From the City Council minutes 12/18/17: Approved and authorized execution of a Small Cell License Agreement between the City of Huntington Beach and Mobilitie LLC for installation of small cell attachments on City- owned streetlights. Continued from November 20, 2017 meeting A motion was made by Delgleize, second Brenden to approve the Small Cell License Agreement between the City of Huntington Beach and Mobilitie, LLC; and, authorize the City Manager and City Clerk to execute the Small Cell License Agreement.
  8. bigmachine

    Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    If you happen to notice any small cells while you're in town please let us know. I have about 40 on the LA Metro map, but it would be nice to add more. I just need a location, image and engineering screen to add a site to the map. Thanks!
  9. bigmachine

    Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    I don’t know about TMO, but I have seen AT&T equipment in the center of the airport as well. Ill pay more attention the next time I’m there.
  10. bigmachine

    Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    Verizon has multiple antenna arrays in the center of the airport covering just about every terminal. Sprint has the airport covered from the outside of the airport property. So the difference in coverage is not surprising. One can hope that Sprint will improve at the world’s busiest O&D airport.
  11. bigmachine

    Shentel / Sprint LTE - (was ntelos - West & N&W Virginia)

    That’s the built-in iOS Field Test accessed via the phone dial pad code + call: *3001#12345#*
  12. bigmachine

    Network Vision/LTE - San Diego Market

    All of the Mobilitie sites I’ve come across have had omni directional antennas. Have you heard of any multi-sector Mobilitie sites? One of the carriers in LA is deploying 3 sector small cells on lampposts with Ericsson gear, but it’s not Mobilitie/Sprint.
  13. This would be a smart strategy. I would add: Concentrate initially on densely populated areas with good ROI potential. Generate a great reputation in those markets and combine it with great marketing. It’s basically borrowing a page from the T-MOBILE playbook. Then, when the cash starts flowing, build out the rest of the network.