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  1. since so many of tracfone are already verizon i do not see a reason for divestures.
  2. does this mean they will be removing this piece of bloatware?
  3. this is extremely interesting.. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-07-18/softbank-to-buy-britain-s-arm-for-32-billion-in-record-deal
  4. I had a similar issue but with band 25 and 26. for my area it was the tower that serves the upper half of my town was having an EHRPD handoff problem. Disabling LTE solved it as a workaround. it took a year but once i told them what the issue was AND which tower it was I got a personal visit from a NOC engineer based out of Virginia(I am in Brunswick, MD). After a two hour FTF discussion I learned A TON about the internals of the Sprint network and why that particular tower was having issues. A couple of weeks after said visit the issue was fixed.
  5. i have not tried calling in again yet as i have been on the road. I am sending the airave back as i will not need it anymore....
  6. All of my phones have been going nuts today. Some of them are cycling between 3 and 4g..some loose their registration and won't come back on..and my phone that is in dallas is stuck on 1x no matter what. Until recently the only phone of mine that seemed unaffected was my nexus 6 and the recently lost 4g and reverted to 1x itself. I finally called in and the automation was acting like it was running on a 486. it would take up to two minutes to get through each step with loooooong pauses before the next step in the tree would announce itself. After about 10 minutes i get through to somebody
  7. rumored yes...but i do not think vz is that anxious to sell honestly. It gives them a huge cost advantage and a very large cash inflow as tier 1 gatekeepers. If someone throws enough money at them sure they will sell because of their vodaphone buyout....but otherwise they'll take that milk..and lots of it..
  8. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/7398-sprint-wants-to-save-1b-by-relocating-towers/page-3&do=findComment&comment=465328 ILEC is not where verizon makes its cash now. alternet, worldcom, and other companies they own are the cash cows ont he back end(aka tier 1).
  9. for phones pings are not an issue. You will notice nothing between a latency of 10ms to a 60 ms latency. However with microwave latency is not an issue.
  10. Read my other response. If they can convert fiber backhaul to rivals to microwave backhaul to their own tier 1 backbone the cost savings are huge even without relocating physical towers.
  11. Much of their backhaul is backend fiber run to ATT or verizon. one thing you have to realize is verizon owns more of the tier 1 backbone in the us than anybody and is in the top 5 in the entire world. We have seen how vz prices it's wireless assets their backbone pricing is high as well and i am sure they are not giving sprint any kind of volume break either. If they use microwave for their backhaul they can send the backhaul to places where they own the backbone fiber...drastically cutting their backhaul costs. From a network engineering perspective this is something i thought sprint shou
  12. My sprint rep called a couple of days ago and while i am keeping the plan i have grandfathered in the ability to have the subsidized phones goes away jan 1. I have two upgrades available on a use it or lose it basis by jan 1 so i am grabbing two new phones while i still can on a subsidy. The contracts will be in effect until their terms in then the subsidies go away.
  13. I was reviewing the rulez and i noticed a section about other 4GRU sites. I have not found the other 4gru sites and was curious what they are about..
  14. Because Sprint also paid 20 billion to apple to sell iphones so Sprint has to sell a truckton of them.
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