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Sprint networking solutions for business, enterprise, and corporate. LTE, IoT, DAS, Small cells.


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     I am curious what Sprint is doing to pick up more business customers. I have seen little in the way of business marketing, outside of my Credit union from time to time. I recall sprint touting the continuation of CDMA, especially in 800 for M2M and smaller data intensive wireless applications. Larger data is also feasible with so many available LTE carriers able to be deployed now with NV base stations and new Antennae. I will get on with questions for the experts and for the rest of us to dig into and look for.  

I guess I would start this discussion with what is Sprints marketing strategy for Business. Also, how it differs from average users and the impact on and experience with the network. 

What technologies are involved in where within Sprint's business applications? 1x for wireless fax, meters, and other low usage, or do we use LTE for these now, or CDMA? 

What is the stats on Sprint DAS systems going LTE, are they also mixed in with WiFi antennae? I have heard of a setup like this in Stadiums.

Where do Smaller cells come into play in what is needed for a business, or a small cells placed near certain centers of business such as a local downtown area or metro?

How is the internet of things deploying with Sprint and other carriers? Are these a LTE to WiFi solution? What do you think the applications will be? 

Finally, what are examples of the hardware that these solutions require? 

I will start with this cool piece about Sprint helping folks associate drinking with winning via an application by a Mesh Systems to light up beer taps at the bar to blink LED when for example the home team scores. 

Top lel, that is so cool. 



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Well I know in the Lower Central Valley market, the first 5 or so NV towers were actually put up in the middle of nowhere because of some agreement with an oil company.

They were brand new towers, so it only made sense for them to Network Vision them from day 1.



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