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  1. This blows my mind. if youre already switching to Sprint....why not take an entire year for free?
  2. Is any of this accredited to the free year of service promo? Massive incentive to gain subscribers while incurring zero cash expenses
  3. jamesinclair

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I hope the government shuts this down again LOL, thats not how mergers work. (laughing at the corporate line, not the messenger)
  4. jamesinclair

    Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    Commenting in here since its more active... I recently got the S8 Active and have been unable to get a single HD Voice call. I disabled wifi calling in the phone and at the account level, and it hasnt fixed it. I am in the same location as with the old phone, and I am calling other Sprint customers (including on my plan). Any advice?
  5. Thank you for this!!! Trying to get a phone international unlocked and at wits end. This sounds like the golden ticket to my issue.
  6. When and why did Sprint stop doing international unlock? Thats a huge downgrade in their international services.
  7. jamesinclair

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Edition

    I called a few stores this week and found it in stock at 2 corporate Sprint stores. What was odd is that the website did not allow any processing, including "pickup in store," nor does it offer an option to see inventory. I checked again just now and it's back in stock online. Also, Best Buy no longer carries the phone.
  8. jamesinclair

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Edition

    Yes I see it available on there, but it looks like you go through "Samsung Financing" which makes me think I wont be able to get the $10 loyalty credit The phone just landed in November, so this is odd
  9. jamesinclair

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Edition

    My local (3rd party) Sprint store is a dump that must be some kind of drug front because they only have 2 phones on display, and have never carried the Active. Best Buy is also showing out of stock.
  10. jamesinclair

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Edition

    it is out of stock on Sprint.com, anybody know whats going on?
  11. jamesinclair

    The S4GRU BYOD Sim Compatibility Chart

    Very helpful. Also, very frustrating. I thought the thing about SIM cars was that they were universal? Could you add the S8 Active?
  12. jamesinclair

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Edition

    I was just looking at it on Ebay actually. I saw this listing, but it seems too good to be true https://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Active-SM-G892U-64GB-Meteor-Gray-SPRINT-UNLOCKED/173188866562?epid=235376449&hash=item2852dc6202:g:dXUAAOSwinBamJFS
  13. jamesinclair

    Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    Samsung has dropped the price of the S8 by $150 and the Active by $100 I was hoping for better TBH.
  14. Stopped by a Sprint store. "Are you looking to open a line with us?" "No I-" "If you don't care about your phone number we can move you to a new account and you will only pay $8 a month for the Galaxy S8!" Interesting business practice.
  15. jamesinclair

    Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    https://slickdeals.net/f/11313099-best-buy-samsung-galaxy-s9-s9-pre-order-100-off-up-to-350-trade-in-value-friday-3-2-18-in-store-only?src=SiteSearchV2_SearchBarV2Algo1 Looks like my cost would be $392 at Best Buy if I trade in my S7. It says carrier financed, does that mean my $10 loyalty credit would also apply? I really want an S8 Active, but they seem to be refusing to discount it. I dont know if I can pay MORE for an older model, even though I really want the better battery.
  16. Yes each company will also be offering their own incentives in regards to trading in and such, a lot to keep track of. Personally, I just want to S8 Active to drop in price.
  17. Galaxy S9 pricing is pretty varied by carrier: Samsung: $720 Tmobile: $720 AT&T: $790 SprintL $792 Verizon: $799 Disappointed that Sprint is charging a premium with the other two bad companies.
  18. So there are actually 2 ads running with slightly different text, but on Facebook theres no way to search for a specific ad to show you, I just have to wait until it pops up again. Because they are part of the same campaign, the comments actually appear on both ads, which is odd. You are correct, this one in the screenshot appears to be talking about removing the $30 activation fee. A second ad that looks identical but with different text lowers the cost of the monthly flex lease price by about $25, so the phone costs $8 a month. Personally, it was the $8 a month one that caught me eye, and after logging in I found out it wasnt for me
  19. So this is the ad I mentioned running on Facebook. It is making customers upset because it reads "upgrade today" which naturally is interpreted as referring to existing customers who want a new phone. When it comes to cell companies, people have been conditioned to read "upgrade" as "get a new phone for your existing line" And yet only when you log in to your account, is it clear that this offer is for new customers only. It feels like a bait and switch. Sprint doesn't have the best reputation, and this kind of thing doesn't help. I started my day with zero thoughts about Sprint. I saw the ad, and thought "great". I clicked through and became disappointed and angry. The 100+ comments all expressed the same sentiment. Spending money to make people upset is not good business.
  20. I noticed an ad on Facebook for the Galaxy S8 for only $8 a month. I also noticed every single comment on the ad was negative. People were furious that when they logged on to their accounts to take advantage of the deal, it wasn't there. New customers only. Sure enough, when I log on, my great deal is $25 a month after my loyalty discount. Yeah, no thanks. It baffles me that you would spend money on an ad that makes your customers upset.
  21. jamesinclair

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Thank you for your answers all!
  22. jamesinclair

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    After reading through that, I still dont have an answer. He has wifi. He doesnt want calls to drop. Airave has solved that issue. Is there any benefit to switching? The biggest downside to Airave is the lack of HD voice. Does Magic Box fix that?