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  1. I know this has probably been discussed, but when will my phone grab onto Tmobile when I hit the dead spot on my daily commute?
  2. Someone please ping me when this phone comes to Sprint: -Removable battery -Headphone jack -Flat screen -Rugged -$499 https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/12/21060854/samsung-galaxy-xcover-pro-removable-battery-smartphone-us-499-price
  3. Im old enough to remember when people seriously argued that removing the contract subsidy would result in cheaper phones. $999. Theyre insane.
  4. Sigh. Not happy. But maybe at least Ill be able to visit family in Fresno and get better than the .3 speeds Sprint has be proud to offer for the past decade.
  5. Good to know. As you said, a pin would be even better because being a railroad, there are no addresses. So Ill have to find a nearby property.
  6. The dead zones along the northeast corridor are ridiculous. Speeds are so bad between Elizabeth and Newark I cant even load the app to report slow data.
  7. Good news everyone https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/16/sprint-stock-falls-10percent-on-report-t-mobile-merger-is-unlikely-to-be-approved-as-currently-structured.html
  8. Yes, short poles are one issue. Possibly a limitation placed by the city. However, Fresno has also grown very rapidly in the last decade, and the Sprint tower network has not budged since the push-to-talk days.
  9. I think theres something new in far east Clovis, because I did a few 60mb speed tests. But on Blackstone, I was just hitting 1mb
  10. Just read through the google app store reviews and it looks like the app died 4 months ago. Wish I hadnt wasted my time.
  11. I did a lot of mapping in Fresno last week and nothing has shown up. Is the app dead?
  12. Spent the holidays in Fresno, and sad to report that Sprint is still overwhelmingly poor in most of the city. Had to jump onto free retail wifi a few times to do basic tasks
  13. This blows my mind. if youre already switching to Sprint....why not take an entire year for free?
  14. Is any of this accredited to the free year of service promo? Massive incentive to gain subscribers while incurring zero cash expenses
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