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  1. Just wanted to follow up on my trip... -Got a new Galaxy A52 -Used the SIM that came inside the phone and ignored the Tmobile sim that came in the box -My Sprint Open World plan worked fine in Portugal - no issue at all
  2. Ill be in Portugal. And while I realize Open World is not the ideal plan for Portugal, I tend to travel more in Latin America which is why I hang onto it. As long as I have 2g to pull up basics in Google Maps or restaurant menus Im happy.
  3. Great, new phone arrived with Sprint sim installed and the Tmobile one in the box, so I will active as is. Charging up now Anything else I need to double check to ensure it works globally without issue?
  4. I ordered through the Sprint website and am still get my ED1500 "contract" subsidy credit It says a phone and sim card are coming, so we will see what happens tomorrow. I assume if theres a Sprint sim inside the phone, when I pop it open it will clearly be branded as such? That would be the best option for sure. And if not, can I just use my Galaxy S8 Active sim? My flight is this upcoming weekend so I wont have too much time to get things sorted.
  5. Hey guys. I have a Galaxy S8 Active and placed an online order for a Galaxy A52 5G I will be going abroad soon and need Open World. From what Ive read, this plan breaks if you use a Tmobile SIM, The order says its coming with a Tmobile SIM. Can I just ignore it and pop in my current SIM card?
  6. When I worked at Verizon, people would call in all the time with 10+ year old plans from companies that no longer existed One customer had a north dakota plan where every other state was considered long distance! One had a car phone plan! A CAR PHONE PLAN. I think they got 20 minutes a month. Verizon had no issue keeping all these. NOW, if your old plan had unlimited internet, then Verizon cared lol.
  7. Well I looked over my plan...and my ED1500 is still better? Ive got 50GB hotspot, high speed internet in all of Latin America (1GB), free hulu, and the price is about the same?
  8. I went into NYC this weekend and every time I lost data service (subway), the only way to get it back was to airplane mode cycle. Not sure if this is a "feature" of the transition. I was also in Phlly and had zero usable service at 30th Street Station, which is a major transport hub.
  9. Galaxy S8 in NJ As of this morning, phone is only showing Tmobile bands. Im on LTE 4 right now. Performance is piss poor.
  10. Thanks for the answer on 71 guys. WTF Sony, if the band is so important, wtf would they release a phone in late 2020 without it? Its the perfect phone too 😰
  11. How important is band 71? I sort of checked out on all this tmobile stuff, and still see the world through the lens of 25/26/41
  12. Hey guys, I have a couple of questions. I recently took the train for the first time since March. This was my daily commute, and it would pass through 2 Sprint dead zones. Well, 99% dead - sometimes I would grab a signal but not enough to even open a simple web page or email. I knew exactly where I was on my commute based on this. I was hoping with Tmobile, that issue would be solved. Instead I got this image. Does it means that Tmobile is even worse in that specific location than Sprint? Also, I am interested in purchasing this phone when it comes out in December. Will I be able to use it on my Sprint account? https://www.sony.com/electronics/smartphones/xperia-5m2/specifications
  13. Up the coast, Ford Bragg, Eureka, Crescent City, with stops at the national parks along the way. So route 1 and 101. I have a Galaxy S8 Active, so I believe no on 71
  14. My roaming on Verizon wasnt as impressive. 0.64 down and 0.69 up. It showed as Ev-DO Rev A, not LTE That being said, it was a rural area, and it let me do what I needed to do, which was open a web page I also roamed on US Cellular, but thats just Tmobile right?
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