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Still able to get a sero plan?


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Are you able to get a sero plan if you don't already have one ? Thanks


Its very hard if not impossible to get SERO Premium nowadays.  You can only get SERO Premium if you had SERO plan before beause the plan itself is not widely available.

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Is it possible for someone to do a TOL of their plan to another person? Thanks !


It was possible in the past.  I have never done a TOL but I guess it should work.  Might need a Sprint rep to vouch for this like Rocket87.

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We can't put people on sero in store only care can put you on it, but as far as I know they won't. The nearest thing you could be on is ERP, employee referral program that is just $10 less than the data 450 . Former employees and employee family lines are put on sero still when they leave Sprint.


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Thanks for all your help ! Are all devices eligible to be put on a sero plan? I will check out the ERP plans!


Data 450 plan is one of the older plans or newer ones?

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Thanks for all your help ! Are all devices eligible to be put on a sero plan? I will check out the ERP plans! Data 450 plan is one of the older plans or newer ones? Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk 2


Yes the EPRP plans are eligibile for all smartphones.

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It's OK to ask if plans are still available and legitimate ways to get them. It is not OK to ask ways to circumvent rules/laws, defraud or deceive to get them.


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You used to be able to find them on Ebay.  I offered several years ago..maybe 5 years ago at this point.  Sometimes it took a better part of the evening / night to find a rep who knew what to do and get it done.  I'll never forget, not once but two separate occasions the rep conference called the receiving party of the plan in to set up the TOL and they had to go through the account set up process with them so they simply muted me but I could still hear everything.  I heard all their details including their SSN.  One rep even assured the other person I was on hold while they did these steps.  Despite me saying No i wasnt i am right here. *sigh*


If you know you will be doing a TOL and dont have an account yet, you are best calling on your own first to simply set up an account this will establish you then you can simply provide your account number during the process.

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    • The S21U was very spotty with connecting to 6E. It would only see it on a router reboot. I thought it was more the router than the S21U, however my laptop would solidly connect to the 6E network, so it must have been the S21U. Since I'm on WiFi7 with the S24U, I haven't kept track of it. I will flip over and check it out later. 
    • Wi-fi 6e missing (6 GHz on one of two ultras). Perhaps coming from an app?  Wifi analyzer can see the 6ghz, just can't see them to connect.  May try wifi reset, although communications reset could have been the source of this problem.  Others have reported it, so not an isolated issue. Edit: Fixed: Rebooted into safe mode. Wifi 6e worked. Normal boot back. No wifi 6e in available nerworks.  Unistalled Asus Router app. Checked for Wifi 6e being visible in wifi available networks. Nothing. Deleted Netgear Genie app. Then saw networks. of mine I had not connected to in wifi available networks. Forgot the desired 2.4&5&6 SSID that did not show 6E. Connected to it again. 6e now works.
    • I noticed today while I was out and about in Louisville that b30 has been widened back to 10x10. They reduced it to 5x5 back in Sept 2018 presumably due to satellite radio interference. Not sure how long ago the change happened but it couldn't have been too terribly long ago. I noticed the different earfcn in the neighbor list, I don't usually see b30 as pcc much but I wonder if that will change now. I locked my phone to b30 only on my drive home from work and noticed the new(old?) earfcn on every site, so it wasn't just a 1 or 2 site fluke. It also looks like they've been doing some fiber or other cabling work around the b2/b46 small cell nodes, I wonder if they are about to start adding c-band radios to those. 
    • Should trade it for some low-band there or elsewhere. AT&T dominates lowband.    
    • I checked existing spectrum holdings and selling 5x5 PCS to each of VZW and AT&T in Kauai would get them to 20x20 apiece there, which should make them happy. In Maui it makes more sense to sell 5x5 each of PCS and AWS to get VZW 20x20 AWS and AT&T 15x15 PCS. I figure it would be a sale rather than a swap, as neither of the other two have spectrum T-Mobile would want that's high-frequency enough to avoid the spectrum screen. Honestly, T-Mobile is strong enough in Hawaii from a capacity perspective that cutting down PCS/AWS holdings won't hurt, particularly in exchange for finally unlocking 2.5 (though in Maui I saw 140 MHz n41 regularly in September if I remember correctly).
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