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  1. Quite a few sites in the more suburban Harrisburg area are getting B41 upgrades. Saw them being added to a site on Linglestown Rd as well as a few on the west shore.
  2. Here are the pictures of site --------- which is at the intersection of I83/Cameron Street right outside of downtown Harrisburg.
  3. Finally saw a crew working on a Shentel tower right outside of downtown Harrisburg at the intersection of I83/2nd St. Appeared to be hanging 2.5 antennas. About time!
  4. That is correct. Per network.sprint.com it has 2 data speed upgrades. The next time I get a chance, I'll pass by to verify.
  5. Looks like the site across the street from the LV Mall has finally gone live with LTE.
  6. Johnner, your phones are unlocked and you're still pissing and moaning. Shouldn't you be on ATT by now? I'm sure you develop enterprise level software for a living and therefore understand the complexity involved, correct?
  7. Some rabid followers of T-Mobile in that comment string.
  8. Shentel has refarmed PCS to have 2 5x5 carriers so it shouldn't be an issue. I'm not sure what markets Sprint has contiguous PCS, though, for a true 10x10 carrier.
  9. Shentel has hinted time and again at wanting to invest and expand in wireless "in their backyard" and keep it to rural areas. In my mind, that can only mean nTelos. I still wonder why it has taken so long. On the conference call yesterday Shentel noted how good of a position they're in regarding debt and how they would like to invest.
  10. If there are hills or mountains as an obstruction, it doesn't matter what frequency is being broadcast. It will be blocked. I've seen your posts time and again and I have to ask, why are you a Sprint subscriber? You have nothing positive to add.
  11. I was just thinking this. Recently purchased an iPhone6 on ebay for one of the other lines on my account and the Sprint variants are definitely less costly. Should be quite sought after now.
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