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  1. Wrong. Shield is a voluntary recall. They brick the old one after you activate the new one.
  2. No I just flashed it. I have us version so... No update notification.
  3. Ca doesn't work on att either. Seems most carriers are taking this action against non branded devices. Volte is the other target. FYI 6.0.1 for 1572 is rolling out now. I'm running it and it is much smoother then 6.0 so something to look forward to.
  4. I'm officially on att now and one more sero plan has bitten the dust. Sprint really does have a great network along the front range of CO but going anywhere else is instant roaming unfortunately. Verizon was too locked down for me and tmo... Well no thanks.
  5. I thought the tmo commercial with the balls was much better then sprints. They only showed it once though that I saw.
  6. Haven't called Sprint in 10 years... chat works just fine for the occasional phone swap.
  7. My thought is they pushed the mm update out to CDMA first for a reason. Perhaps they are testing modem changes and if they work well then we may see something in the 6.0.1 update.
  8. Think I read something about exfat not working. Worth a shot anyway
  9. Hmm mine worked fine. Maybe reformat on PC first?
  10. Yep or some have reported simply removing the sim works
  11. Nope but they are pushing to CDMA first
  12. Sprint mm ota is rolling out now for those still waiting
  13. Sure but if Sprint is really ending subsidy then it's best to know your options.
  14. That PDF doesn't show sero 500 but looks interesting... Really phone prices are dropping so fast now buying outright is not a big deal if you can wait a couple months after release.
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