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Keep a Word, Drop a Word #4


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My boy's                                                                                                                                                                               To much beer.

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    • Just a heads up that I confirmed the location of Sprint eNB 6867 for you so it's no longer unknown. Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/FqDxyF9MUhzPeTaUA Cellmapper: https://bit.ly/3dxNFzs
    • If DISH Wireless was operating now, how would this Amazon Outage affect the current contract and quality of service? https://www.theverge.com/2021/12/7/22822332/amazon-server-aws-down-disney-plus-ring-outage  
    • Same expectations I have, but this one isn't an azimuth change at all, just a location shift on the tower. I was expecting them to move into the middle of Sprint's location if they were changing locations, like they have done on the conversion sites, especially since Sprint's equipment is dormant now. Funny enough, I'm currently building it. Still a work in progress, and gig+ towers have also been added on a separate layer since they are still rare to find. I have a list of eNBs, including the ones mentioned in this thread. Currently adding the keep sites, if I missed any gig+ towers let me know. So I did flip through band locking as the data updated, I forgot I did that. Site has been located, and its the 2 eNB setup; 1 for B41, another for everything else. T-Mobile is moving too fast for me to keep up over here, as I think eNB 5890 has been converted, and if it is, it would be number 5. Might come close to double digits before 2022.   Verizon eNB 81005 has the C-band panel for a few weeks now, finally got a pic of it.
    • That is what I thought, but it doesn't say so on the web site.   Of course, now it says they are out of stock anyway 
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