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  1. I was just looking at the Sprint coverage map and it now show's excellent signal in just about all of the Earleville zipcode. Hogwash
  2. Cecilton tower appears to be getting full build RRU up on tower and the one panel/antenna that was installed today looks like spaghetti junction hanging under it, it's the largest antenna on the whole tower 6 to 8 feet high maybe 18 or more inches wide.
  3. As far as MIMO technology what is Sprint using now on the East Coast/ Cecil County MD 4 by 4, 8 by 8 just wondering. I proly did not put this question in right thread don't think Nokia is used on the East coast.
  4. T-mobile is bad on the whole Delmarva save main roads get off the beaten path and T-mobile is for the most part not usable.
  5. This is a speedtest from the mono pine a 1/2 mile to the south of the Sprint flag pole in Hack's Point. But I'm still going to place a order on Unlimitedville for a Sprint Hot Spot to see if service will work at my house 2.8 miles to the SW of hack's point
  6. Sprint has changed their coverage map and it showing the the tower in hacks point could be live with LTE.
  7. Just noticed today that the flag pole tower in Hacks Point has a microwave dish on it's pointed towards the Cecilton tower,it could have 4g now.
  8. There appears to be some work going on at the Hack's Point flagpole site.
  9. Proly upgraded that tower for 301 coverage, poly won't see the tower's in Cecilton and Hack's Point upgraded anytime soon.
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