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  1. Wow. Just... wow. I can't believe this just happened. https://t.co/k7Z4k9dfyi

  2. RT @mashable: 'Fresh Prince' turns 25 today, so we rounded up 15 celebs rapping its timeless theme: http://t.co/HrJopxNwPv http://t.co/7BOP…

  3. RT @datto: Datto is ready for an awesome week at #VMworld ! Visit us for a chance at VIP passes to #VMunderground http://t.co/b8g0B8rlhu

  4. RT @austinmcchord: Incredibly proud to have just released the @datto #linux agent open source code. https://t.co/Cr9D7xLoI1 Awesome work by…

  5. RT @SenSanders: Yesterday, Sen. Sanders explained why he supports the Iran nuclear deal: https://t.co/X2zPvkG3ea

  6. I'm not entirely sure what to think of this... https://t.co/RZBXynKeYR

  7. What's with the hatred for tabs lately? Every coding standard that specifies using "x spaces" to represent tabs just drive me nuts!

  8. RT @nytimes: The NYT obituary for Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's chief executive who helped introduce Wii and DS http://t.co/QSEA4elqge http://t.…

  9. RT @voxdotcom: Angela Merkel told a sobbing girl she couldn't save her from deportation. It was a lie. http://t.co/47N0NTSWlh http://t.co/w…

  10. RT @ThisIsFusion: Let’s all remember the time Mikhail Gorbachev starred in a Pizza Hut commercial http://t.co/dWoefXSHKd http://t.co/tweYPW…

  11. Last week, I gave a talk at my local Linux Users' Group on #systemd. The presentation is now up. Check it out: http://t.co/bxQO5XX50z

  12. I've learned a lot about Project Atomic and how to use containers at #RHSummit, which is awesome!

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