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Keep a Word, Drop a Word #4


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    • Very interesting.  I will report on what my T-Mobile branded A32 supports once the phone can be unlocked in 45 days.
    • Actually, the unlocked version with the latest software update, shows additional NR for 66 and 77 with AT&T MVNO Sim. On some other Samsung phones, it has been reported that once you unlock the T-Mobile phone and insert a different sim, you don't get all the same bands as the factory unlocked.  I expect this phone to behave the same way. When I put in a T-Mobile MVNO sim into the factory unlocked I got the following bands: 13, 25 & 26 as expected and adds bands 14, 29, 30, & 71. On The NR side with this sim I got 2, 5, 25, 41, 66, 71, 77, 78.  So from a Boost Mobile standpoint it would miss NR70, but has NR 66 and 71 that are in trial. The Android security patch level is Sept 1 rather than Nov 1 on the T-Mobile firmware (Samsung unlocked is typically older  for all models).     Note: n78 is a sunset of n77.
    • I stopped by this site and was surprised to see that they disabled lowband carrier aggregation after the upgrade (midband was moved to the 300,000 offset eNB). I thought that site’s lowband and midband footprints almost entirely overlapped.  I wonder if they’re anticipating increased lowband load from n5 usage…
    • Yes, eNB 894588 (conversion site) is on the same intersection as Cells 1/7 of eNB 49470. When I past by the area on November 1st the small cell was still live, same for Nov 20th. I'll pass by it again and see if the situation is still the same. This one baffled me too. 6853 is much taller than T-Mobile eNB 41532, so I'm guessing they are going for the same setup they have with 42854 and 56208, both of which are walking distance away. I have no idea, as it was windy so the pic has a slight blur in it. I think its an AIR32, same like with the other conversion site, but I'm not sure. I'll have to come back here to remap the site for Cellmapper at some point, so I'll try and get a better picture then. The one thing I am sure of now though is converted sites broadcast the old Sprint eNB for B25 G block, as both this site and the other one still have Sprint B25 live. Same here. The Sprint data I mapped showed up with no issue, including the trails that usually take weeks, but T-Mobile's data didn't, yet the data for both carriers were uploaded within seconds of each other. The annoying thing is, the data is there, but its not being pushed to the public, as 2 T-Mobile towers that were on the map months ago, didn't adjust based on the latest data, but updated with the recent mapped data once I moved them. I fully expect sites T-Mo isn't co-located on with Sprint, or on the building immediately next door, they will keep in Manhattan. The macro density will probably be a bit more insane than it currently is.   The structure at the far left of Sprint's equipment is new. Nov 2020 streetview doesn't have it. If it is Dish, I wonder why they made a new rack instead of using the recently dormant Sprint rack, as this tower is offline. Could also be T-Mobile shifting locations, as I know of a few towers they have with that style of antenna holders.
    • When TM nudged me to switching to a TM plan, I decided to remain on the Sprint plan for cheaper international roaming.   With that said, if I want to keep the same setup, what's the right process to activate a Pixel 6 Pro eSIM when gong from a Pixel 4 XL eSIM?  Any steps I should avoid?
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