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Sprint LTE Speedtests

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So I was browsing the forums and I did not see a thread that kept track of the LTE speeds people were getting. Id post an LTE speedtest if I got it in my area, but sadly I do not. So post away guys, and lets see just how fast sprint is becoming! ;)

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I got these back in September when I was out looking for some sites that had been upgraded.




Looks like the record has been set for most speed tests in 1 minute! ;-) Great speeds, though!

(Don't let AJ see that! ;-) )

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Looks like the record has been set for most speed tests in 1 minute! ;-) Great speeds, though!

(Don't let AJ see that! ;-) )


Yeah, this is probably a bad idea, and I will discuss with the staff the prospect of closing this thread. Otherwise, it will just encourage our membership to run needless speed tests, sucking up LTE throughput in a ridiculous e-penis measuring contest.



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Okay, the thread is closed, pending further consideration. It may be reopened.


Regardless, folks, please use speed tests sparingly. Occasional use is fine, but know that speed tests can transfer upwards of 40 MB per use. If enough subs run speed tests frequently just to see how fast the network is, those speeds tests will frequently overlap. Thus, measured speeds will be lower just because of the number of subs running speed tests.


In other words, running lots of speed tests can actually be counterproductive to fast data speeds.



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