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  1. Yes i am one of those people who stalks the website at 5:40 in the morning. If ya want LTE, you gotta get up early to find it before it finds you xD

  2. I have heard from one of my friends that Chester, PA has had LTE for a week now.
  3. Erie isn't too far away from me. Maybe 2-3 hours tops. I live in Butler, PA. Any word on updates in this area?
  4. I am still fairly new to this and i know this is a stupid question to ask.. What exactly is a migration? I think i have an idea but im not sure if im correct or not.
  5. I think for the most part that sprint has been doing quite a good job at deploying LTE across the nation. Maybe not the fastest deployment Ive seen, but for a carrier who had the first "4G" network in the U.S(WIMAX), which really set sprint back a few steps, since LTE was being adopted by other carriers and WIMAX didnt seem like it could compete, and even after the whole WIMAX mess, sprint got back up and picked up momentum once again with their new LTE network. Give them time, and im sure you wont be dissappointed in what sprint does within the next year.
  6. eHRPD has been live in Butler, PA for a little while now, but its hit and miss. If I try connecting to eHRPD now, I won't get a data connection as I use to. If anything, I noticed faster download speeds, and faster ping times, but I'm guessing the faster download speeds are due to NV upgrades, not eHRPD Sent from my LG-LS840 using Forum Runner
  7. My guess would be the area where you use to get it was a prelaunched site and they may have been testing it. And just to let y'all know, next summer I'll be taking a roadtrip from Butler, PA to Westfield, IN and I'll be mapping any 4G connections I get to sensorly Sent from my LG-LS840 using Forum Runner
  8. I think that sprints being silent with LTE deployment at this time because, well according to a rep i talked with over the phone, 3/4 of their towers are ready for construction to install LTE. Many of those towers are being worked on at the time,and the indication of eHRPD means construction is occuring at the cell site that is broadcasting eHRPD. Good news and bad news to that. The bad news is it doesnt entirely indicate a timeline for the rollout of the LTE newtork. The good news is that the first step to preparing the cell site for future LTE upgrades is completed.
  9. The only time ive seen anyone up in a sprint tower in my area is after hurricane sandy. Just about all of the nextel towers and or the other roaming network towers in my area were down for three days. I probably missed calls for job interviews, ebay sales notifications, and the whole 10 yards of information that seems to pile up in a three day period. lol
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