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  1. Exactly.. Which if you can grab yourself a framily ID, then you can still hop into someone's family. It wasn't too bad at all, but ive had some customers complain about the plan, while others loved it. People were very mixed about it. Majority of people that go into our store go on the family share pack.
  2. As far as I know, nobody has told us different. Our DM usually keeps us up to date on those things.
  3. This is the only problem with long posts xD lol
  4. Well, It has been awhile since i`ve been on here! Hello everyone! Im sure all of you are saving those upgrades for the holiday season, so this guide will greatly help you in the event that you decide to upgrade to that phablet you have always wanted! Listed below are a summary of some of the plans that sprint offers. Enjoy and i hope this helps some of the new members of the site, as well as guests. UNLIMITED ONLY PLAN: This plan was designed only for individuals in mind, but also gives you quite a good deal. This plan gives you unlimited talk, text and data for just $60/Month. There is one catch however, it can only be used on the sprint EasyPay program. THE SPRINT SIMPLY UNLIMITED PLAN: DESCRIPTION: The iPhone for life plan is a plan that was designed for the iPhone users in mind. This plan allows qualified buyers to LEASE an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus for 20 Dollars per month. Whats even better you may ask?? The other half of the whole sweat deal, the simply unlimited plan! This plan is combined with the iPhone for life plan, which gives you unlimited talk, text and data for 50 Dollars a month. Now of course, the 20 dollars is tied into this plan, which puts it at 70 dollars a month.. (Before those lovely taxes that we all love...*Sarcasm*) Ahem, anyways, back to the main topic.. But wait, theres a better side to this as well. Well qualified buyers (Depends on the number of lines they are approved for. Customer must also not have a spending limit for this to be accurate.)can leave the store without having to pay a single dime out the door! Now, thats a sweet deal. Below i will list the different lease prices for the different iPhone models: iPhone 6 (16GB): $20/Month iPhone 6 (64GB): $25/Month iPhone 6 (128GB): $30/Month iPhone 6 Plus (16GB): $25/Month iPhone 6 Plus (64GB): $30/Month iPhone 6 Plus (128GB): $35/Month If you have an account spending limit(Hint hint, ask the sales rep if you do or not), an additional down payment will be needed to lease the phone. SPRINT EASY PAY PROGRAM: It means exactly how it sounds, customers now have the option to make monthly payments on their phones. Yes, you are paying the full retail price of the phones, but dont blame the reps(Such as me (; ) With this payment plan, you will no longer have a contract with sprint. If you do not like the service, or if there is some other dissatisfaction, you can cancel you account with no ETF fees. The only fees you would have to pay is the remaining balance on your phone. Now, this plan gives customers more options to get that hot new hunk of technology they have always wanted, but, as to every plan, there are some hidden catches that you should know about: 1: Sales tax is due out the door on installment billing plans (Usually ranges around $39, but it really depends on the device. ) 2: If you have an account spending limit(Again, ask the sales rep if you do), you will have to make an additional down payment to use the EasyPay program. This additional down payment needed is based on credit, also ensuring sprint that you will indeed be able to make the monthly payments on the phone. The amount of the down payment depends on the spending limit: $150 Spending limit: The highest down payment (usually over $150) $300 Spending limit: Average down payment(around $100-$150) And so on and so on.... UNLIMITED MY WAY PLAN: Again, having the same meaning as the title, this plan gives you unlimited talk, text and TRULY UNLIMITED DATA. Of course, i used caps lock for a reason on that last part.. Sprint will not throttle your data, regardless of how many football games you stream at the bar, or all the youtube videos of people failing, there isnt a limit to what you can do! Exciting right?? Thats why i got it!! Now, here are the pricing details you need to know: FOR ONE DEVICE:(Smartphones Only!) Unlimited talk, text: $50/Month Unlimited data: $30/Month 1GB Data: $20/Month ONE DEVICE: (Basic Phones) Unlimited talk, text: $50/Month Unlimited basic phone data: $10/Month No data: Zero (Of course) TWO DEVICES: Now, on this plan, things kinda go in sequence. To add a second line, it costs $40 dollars for the unlimited talk and text. For the data, its the same $30 for unlimited data, and $20 for 1GB of data.(This is assuming you have a smartphone) If you have a basic phone, it will still be the same for everything, except for the data portion. Unlimited data for a basic phone costs $10. Here are some different combinations of the plans (So many people ask me this when they come into the store, i just felt the need to put this out there so there is little confusion) 1: Two smartphones with unlimited talk, text and data: $150/Month 2:Two basic phones with unlimited talk, text and data: $110/Month The rest of the details are in the flyer that is located at every sprint store. If i talked about every different combination, id be here for hours.(Does anyone remember the good old days in math class when you had to guess how many different combinations you can make?? This is what i mean lol. Also, another helpful tip, this plan can be used with a 2/Yr contract, or the sprint EasyPay program. THIS PLAN CAN NOT BE USED WITH THE LEASE PROGRAM AS YOU WILL GET PENALTY CHARGES. FAMILY SHARE PACK: One of the best plans for customers that are looking to add more than two devices to their account, this plan gives you unlimited talk, text and 20GB of data for $100/Month. Now of course, there are some catches to this plan: 1: This plan was only meant for the Sprint EasyPay program. If you add a device to this plan that is under a 2/Yr contract, you will see penalty fees of $40 per line, and thats a christmas bonus that takes your money instead of giving it to you, so please be careful when selecting this plan, since not all sales reps understand this yet. Print this guide out even, if you must. It may save you a big headache in the future. 2: Usually, there is a $15 Dollar access fee per line on this plan, but there is a way to avoid this access fee. If you port all of your numbers in from a different carrier, AND you go with the 20GB data option, or higher, those $15 access fees are WAIVED until 1/01/2016. 3: There are different, and lower data options as well, but avoid the lower data options!! If you select a data option that is lower than 20GB, you will get a $25 dollar access fee tacked onto your bill, regardless if you ported your numbers or not.. FAMILY UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT AND DATA FOR TWO LINES, $100: A plan that sprint just created, but took down shortly after, is now back, and in my opinion, a fantastic deal! Designed for customers that are only looking to add two devices to their account, but still be able to surf the web all they want, you get unlimted talk, text and data for $100/Month. But wait, just when you thought the catches were over, there is more! 1: Just like the family share pack, This plan was designed for the sprint EasyPay program, but with more options than that. You can also use this plan with the leasing program, pay full SRP, or bring your own device! 2: 3-10 lines are $40/Month per line THE CUT YOU BILL IN HALF EVENT: When sprint created this plan, it created headwaves very quickly, and is by far one of the best deals you can come across. Here`s how this plan works: You bring sprint your bill from the previous carrier, and they will give you unlimited talk, text and they will match the amount of data you had, for half the cost. With this plan, there are two catches you should know about: 1: You must give your AT&T or Verizon handset to sprint. If you sign up for this in-store, you would hand the phone(s) to the rep. 2: You must have some sort of data plan with the other carrier. If you dont, you would not be eligible for this plan. And if you were wondering, yes, you can use this plan with a 2/Yr upgrade, or on the EasyPay program. So everyone, i hope this nice little plan guide will help everyone out this year. If needed, print this out and take it to the store with you. Trust me, it will save you a lot of time.. Well everyone, merry christmas! Lets not overcook the christmas turkey, or drink too much. Be safe, be responsible, and best of all, spend it with your families! Another note: Whoops, i forgot a plan.. There are too
  5. I am excited to see more LTE coverage! Ive been in new kensington lately and ive been having a weak 4G connection there. And it seems as cranberry now has 4G, so im hoping to see LTE move up closer to butler in the distant future.
  6. It could be the phone itself. Depending on the signal strength, the phone may see that the 1X network has a better signal to the device then CDMA, so that could cause the phone to connect to 1X periodically over CDMA. If that isnt the case, my best guess would be possibly tower upgrades in your area. Not sure on that one but some sprint phones are very picky when it comes down to the priority of different networks (Sometimes phones will search for 1X first before 3G, or some phones will search for LTE, then EVDO if LTE isnt available, then down to 1X.) It all really depends on the type of phone you have. This is why the Evo LTE had problems staying connected to LTE at first. The phone had a signal threshold on LTE that caused the phone to search for a different network, even when LTE signal strength was fairly strong.(From my guess, the evo had a threshold of anything higher than -115dBm, it would disconnect and search for something else.) Dont quote me on that, not entirely sure.
  7. More than likely if a customer saw that 4G speeds suffered just because of a lack of upgraded backhaul, im sure they wouldnt be very happy. I mean in some areas, AT&T keeps up with adding upgraded backhaul to sites. Others, just have never been upgraded yet. And yes if an LTE network was not properly backhauled, the speeds would be more comparable to "3G" standards.
  8. Alright so this thread is for any new users to the site who do not already know what "Backhaul" means, which im sure a good bit of you have already heard of this lol. WHAT IS BACKHAUL? Backhaul is one factor in how fast data speeds can be on a mobile network. Backhaul means sending data over an "out of the way" route, usually meaning to allow data to travel quicker or for less expensive data transfer costs. Think of it as a backchannel to a network. With data flowing more freely, the speeds for other network users will remain constant and uninterrupted, even under heavy data traffic. HOW IS BACKHAUL ACHIEVED? Backhaul is usually achieved by installing fiber optic cables to the cell site. Fiber optics tend to be a better electrical transmitter than standard cable setups. On towers, singlemode and multimode fiber appear mostly in tower setups. Usually as well, singlemode fiber carries more bandwith than multimode fiber connections can. So what does this mean? It means that backhaul has some quite technical aspects. Many think that backhaul is just a simple cable swap, but in reality, the technology behind backhauling a mobile network is very extensive. Not only is this good for the company, but it is also good for the users who demand better network efficiency, as well as faster, more constant data speeds. Also, just as a sidenote, backhaul is a huge factor on LTE networks. I will put this as simple as possible: If an LTE network is deployed without the appropriate backhaul upgrades, the network will crawl, especially under heavy data traffic. The same applies to backhauled 3G networks (Known as HSPA+), which is one of the reasons why AT&T and T-Mobiles HSPA+ networks suffer with such terrible data speeds in some areas.
  9. Exactly right! For instance, when AT&T advertises their HSPA+ "4G" network, they make it seem as their entire 3G footprint has HSPA+ speeds, when in all reality that is not true. Sure maybe they may have the updated equipment installed on the majority of their network, but the enhanced backhaul is what mainly delivers the faster speeds AT&T brags about. Same with sprint. When 3G upgrades are taking place, backhaul may not yet be installed.
  10. Can be annoying at times. Especially when you have sensorly mapping a trip, anticipating it to map a new area with LTE, then nothing. lol. Good thing is my 3G speeds are improving as well.
  11. I think sprint blocked any users in Butler from connecting to LTE. I went to the sprint store, and well courtesy of a few freinds of mine that worked there, i downloaded the signal check lite app on the Galaxy S III, and the Viper 4GLTE. Both phones at first didnt pick up anything until after i turned airplane mode on and off. After that both devices showed a LTE signal on the app, but neither of them would actually connect to it. Ever since then, i havent found a LTE signal anymore in butler. Maybe testing?
  12. Yes i am one of those people who stalks the website at 5:40 in the morning. If ya want LTE, you gotta get up early to find it before it finds you xD

  13. Wow, the markets in and around Pittsburgh are just lighting up! This is very impressive!
  14. For anyone that knows where butler is and wants specifics, I found the LTE signal on Route 8 between the Unionville fire department and the pioneer drive in
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