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  1. If anyone wants to save some money you can join my Framily plan. It still has plenty of room. My framilt ID is : c00915382NG
  2. Right now indoors -113 i got 4.87 down .91 up
  3. im in fort lauderdale and this past week my phone has been a hit or miss on having a reliable data connection. It will show im connected to 4g but i get no data transfer at all. these are places where i have had lte for the past few months. Im even roaming at work now, i called sprint and they said 72 hours untill everything would be back to normal.
  4. I just update the prl on my phone and got prl 2000. i always thought prl's were 5 numbers long.does anyone know when frequency this prl will opperate at?
  5. That app looks like it just uses the carrer maps. Not real signal data like sensorly does.
  6. they were just at the tower base. i coundnt see them just there truck. it was raining and there is a privacy fence.
  7. in oakland park ne 6th ave and prospect rd
  8. I saw then at a sprint site today but it was a tower with more then 1 carrer. Would they be working on sprint or possibly someone else? This is in the west palm\miami market.
  9. this is in a strong connection from my note 2
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