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  1. I was in Maywood this weekend near Bell and I was getting constant 7mbps. I didnt mind it because it was steady.
  2. If anything, they should make something that tracks information and cannot be deleted unless you're an admin. You would be able to know if the kids watch porn or not. It's difficult to prevent it with all of the technology and their friends technology.
  3. "Is there a way to make incognito filter out pages in the event the phone is in someone else's hands." (No. That's not part of the functions of incognito.) I simply answered your question. Incognito was never meant to include that function and I don't think it ever will. Incognito mode simply resembles it's exact definition. Adjective (of a person) Having one's true identity concealed: "operating incognito".
  4. No. That's not part of the functions of incognito. You can probably find something by rooting the phone. There's some people that might be able to help you on DroidForums.Net It probably won't be easy, but I may be wrong.
  5. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Screenshot of the list of what incognito does. It doesn't do what you think it does.
  6. Incognito on my Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn't filter out any web sites. What incognito mode does, it simply doesn't store any data during your browsing session. Let's say you watch porn. It won't get saved on your history, cookies, etc... So, maybe what you're looking for isn't called incognito mode at all and you're confusing it for something else.
  7. I'm pretty sure you're always out of incognito mode unless you open another TAB with incognito on the stock browser. Are you trying to spy on someone elses phone, so they can't use incognito themselves?
  8. Another vouch for employer discount. I went through radioshack online and Sprint told me that it has nothing to do with Radioshack. Sprint can do it after if they manage to take it off somehow. The plan displayed higher pricing online, but when the bill came the discount was still applied. If anything, they might want proof like a pay stub or something. That's what they did with us.
  9. The phones right next to each other. I would assume they would be connected to the same tower and no downloads. I noticed it over youtube and we decided to check our phones after my GS3 wouldn't even begin to stream because data was too slow. Which is the norm around here. The thing I found that was the only key factor was that both Sprint phones had the same issue and both Boost phones were faster even if they both were GSll's
  10. I'm a little curious about why Boost Mobiles data connectivity is faster than my Sprint 3g. Here in the same city and phones near each other. 2x Boost SGll's - Can stream video My Sprint SGlll - Can bearly load web pages My Girls Sprint iPhone 5 - Can bearly load web pages It cool that my bro in law pays less and seems to be getting more than his sister and I. Could this be related to the hardware or the service? A simple explanation will suffice. Thanks
  11. I would definately inform them about the bug and see if you could avoid the charges.
  12. "Not officially endorsed" Endorsement coming?
  13. Theres another way around that. I had them freeze my account and the rep didnt charge me the $15 for freezing the account they normally charge. So on my last day, I called to cancel and I wasnt charged.
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