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S4GRU slow to respond


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S4GRU Members:


I am buried. I am buried at work and at S4GRU. And I have been inundated with emails, PMs and posts requesting my comment. I am trying to catch up, but I have gotten pretty far behind (especially on PM's).


I am writing this to explain to you all why I may not have responded to you, yet. It's not that I don't care about your questions or blowing you off. I am just really busy.


When you send me a question, and it is something I can answer in a sentence, I'm usually good at responding right away. I even will respond in the car using voice to text sometimes. However, during this busy time for me, it may take several days or more before I can respond to some messages.


Please be patient with me. If I have not responded to you yet, just wait patiently. I will get to you. And if I don't respond, feel free to ask it again in a little while (nicely). I pretty much respond in order from easy to hard. The easier it is for me to respond, the more likely I will respond sooner.


We now have almost 5,000 members. And site management is getting tougher and tougher as the community grows. I thank you all in advance for your understanding.


Robert via Samsung Galaxy S-III 32GB using Forum Runner

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I need to find a way to delegate. Thanks for the offer.




If you ever figure that out, drop me a PM, always willing to learn more and help out. My family always comes first, but I've truly enjoyed the time I spend on this forum and the knowledge I've gained. I'd love to be able to give back.

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I say we put Robert in that Cloning maching that AJ created a while back and just clone away.




With a Borg like collective mind so that everyone is on the same thought pattern ;)

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Too late


Robertus of Borg




I don't see a Sprint attachment on that headgear. Were all of his devices merged into the head unit? Can he just think LG Viper or Galaxy S3 or EVO LTE and it reconfigures into that device?

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