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  1. Tried several reboots, figured it was rebuilding usage profiles of some sort with no luck. Disabling location services and then turning it back on seems to have resolved it.
  2. Since the update I am seeing google play services causing excessive wakelocks, 8hrs on battery with 53m of "keepawake".
  3. Just used the 4.4.3-KTU84M-from-4.4.2-KOT49H image from XDA with the ADB sideload method, no issues so far.
  4. Thought I had it but on inspection I don't. Not sure if this was linked already: http://phandroid.com/2014/04/21/hangouts-update/
  5. Was able to connect to band 41 downtown during SXSW here in Austin tonight. Only had to do the update PRL trick.
  6. It helps both and still works great. My setup will not help with LTE since it does not cover the PCS G or the SMR 800 blocks sprint is using for LTE. This is not an issue for me since I offload to WiFi at home anyway. I am in the midst of upgrading my home WiFi from ABG to ABGN. Still trying to decide what APs to use. The best I've found so far top out at 125 Mbps even though they claim 300.
  7. I have the same Text issue sporadically here in Austin. 5-10 Minute delays on sent messages and sometimes up to 30 minuets worth of messages will arrive on my phone at once. My wife's iPhone 5 has a different issue, the phone will report a failure to send even when the message is successfully delivered. Needless to say I get a lot of duplicate texts from her.
  8. Cell selection procedure: http://www.3glteinfo.com/umts-cell-selection-procedure-20091104/
  9. Digi you may want to concentrate you efforts on the indoor antenna if you got good signal in the same room it was in. Too much gain on the antenna facing the tower will kick in the receiver overload protection in the amp.
  10. Like Boomer said above this wont help me with LTE once it is deployed on my tower but I have a nice WiFi system at home and great internet at 6Mb down so I like doing the responsible thing and offload to WiFi when I am at home.
  11. The tower is about a mile away. I am just below the rise of a hill in between us so I get poor coverage. A few feet up on my roof its not a problem. In fact on my roof I can get a RSSI of -76dBm on my phone.
  12. Im pretty sure its not something this new conglomeration would want to be associated with. Spankwire, spankbank = same thing.
  13. Found it. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/881-signal-amplification-i-want-to-install-a-booster-at-my-house/page__view__findpost__p__18792
  14. My Wilson setup ran me just under 600 for everything and works great. I posted install photos and a parts list in one of the threads Boomer linked. I was in the same situation, good signal on my roof but almost none inside.
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