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  1. I had trouble getting data to connect on USCC on my GS7 as well. turning the roaming guard for data ON and getting it to through the prompt up finally fixed it. Also, it was surprisingly hard to get data to stay off while I was out there while still leaving the voice network up. (several times the restrict background data option would reset itself)
  2. There's a lot more than Sprint Customers and cell phones that connect to Sprint's network. A lot of MVNO's run on Sprint and it's probably not practical too move those customers very rapidly (since a lot of them also re-use old sprint phones for the low end) You also have a lot of machine 2 machine devices that can connect (think things like OnStar in cars or remote automation) that would be prohibitively expensive to simply 'upgrade' 1x800 should be good, but there will likely be a need to support legacy 1900 CDMA devices for quite some time. At some point the business case will change, but as long as the bulk of Sprint is using CDMA, it probably makes sense how they have it.
  3. I remember it well back in the days of bucket's o text messages and rising text rates. It was quite nice as the web option was cheaper than SWBell (now ATT) In my case much cheaper since they had the data billing screwed up. at best, I'd get charged 1/10th the correct rate. sometimes nothing at all. was great sending hundreds of shortmails for a few cents. not as convenient, but for a broke college student, I was willing to put up with that.
  4. It may end up a customer service issue for some users that are in areas that border roaming+ and regular roaming (for instance, my father-in-laws) as there's not a good way to tell which bucket the data is pulling from. I don't mind it being labeled roaming (it is after all), I just hope they roll something out on the phones so that it can be differentiated, or so the roaming guards can be better set.
  5. Thanks, I did a search, but I don't think the search field knew what to do with the '+'
  6. Sprint has updated their coverage maps for voice and 3G&More - they have a new category for "Roaming+" - Roaming that doesn't count towards your roaming limits, but pulls from your regular plan. I think that's a great way to present on the maps. Their FAQ says it will still show as roaming on the phone, but at least recently for me my wife's S5 showed native while mine showed roaming while in one of the roaming+ areas. (should have been far enough away from the native network to not have that influence) Heading back down to that area again soon, we'll see what pops up.
  7. The S5 Active offered very little in practical terms over the S5, with the S5 already having water and dustproof design and the ability to add a case giving more drop protection. The S6 Active on the other hand is what I had hoped the S6 would be, and brings back most of the features that kept me from upgrading. I hope Sprint will get it.
  8. I've had it happen quite a few times for a while, although it's primarily been with my wife who is also integrated. Outside of that, I rarely have run into issues (although I don't often MMS to sprint non-integrated folks)
  9. Yeah, I've had that happen. It seems to only occur with people that have GV integrated - certainly I've only had it occur with other sprint customers. MMS to other carriers seems to work fine. Quite annoying that the one part that should work, doesn't.
  10. Yup, I've used it in the pool, stuck it under the sink to wash it off after the kiddos mess with it, gotten soak with the hose while cleaning the house. Survives just fine. Touchscreen gets a little wonky when covered in water - can't really use it underwater either....but really, pretty minor inconvenience considering I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to a non-waterproof phone.
  11. The info that has come out, and probably why the FTC got involved was that the throttling was quite severe to the point that it would be nearly impossible to use more than about 13-15 gb a month, regardless of network conditions. (only so much you can download at dialup speeds) Initially, the thresholds were set so low that for some people, they could be throttled after as little as 2 gb, and be stuck with edge speeds for the remainder of the month. There were numerous reports of people on unlimited being throttled while using less data that someone on the basic tiered plans. AT&T considered dropping the unlimited plans, but felt they would lose too many customers. With research and customer surveys, they knew that most consumers don't consider throttled plans unlimited,so they also tried to downplay the changes as much as they practically could. In short, the FTC complaint is that AT&T was being knowingly misleading.
  12. I'll find out in about a month when I head back out that direction.
  13. For Western Kansas, the roaming has always included EVDO as long as I've seen, even after it was dropped as native. I haven't been back through since the RRPP agreements, so can't comment on whether it would be indicated as native. It use to show up as Sprint 3G on the coverage maps however. My guess is it'll still count against roaming allowances
  14. DL speeds, my home internet (Cox) is usually much faster, but uploads however, Sprint usually matches and sometimes smokes my home ISP. (5-6mbps up for home internet, 4-20 up on Sprint)
  15. I can fix that really fast with a sharpie....
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