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The History of Us: A Sprint Story

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    • TNX lets you use SA; Sprint SIMs are NSA-only. Not 100% certain on whether NR CA is TNX-only; I'm personally not seeing it here but that may just be a network thing.
    • Got my (unlocked, directly from Samsung) S21 in at 3:50p today, along with the Qi charger (which includes a 25W wall charger!) and Buds+. The Sprint SIM from my S20 worked fine in the S21, though when activating I was prompted with an "are you sure you don't want to get a T-Mobile SIM for this?" message, probably because I'm on TMo towers 100% of the time when in Austin (if I was in Fredericksburg it'd be majority 312-250). Seems like the radio in the S21 is a bit stronger; I'm at the edge of n41 coverage at my kitchen table and was able to pull a few Mbps more than I recall getting on the S20. Additionally, upload speeds seem better on n71; was able to hit 40 Mbps pretty easily where the S20 would hit 30-35. I'm not seeing NR CA, but I'm not sure whether that's a limitation of the Sprint SIM or whether it just hasn't been turned on here.
    • Yep it was enabled across the board with android 11/One ui 3.0 update. It also enabled N66. I just got the s21 Ultra, and am curious to test if N30 is enabled or if I can enable it
    • SCP is crashing several times a day now on the newest Android update. I've been hitting the send info button when it crashes. Hopefully there's something helpful.
    • So I just got my S21 Sprint from Samsung.  Stick with ROMAHOME or go full TNX?  Any advantages?
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