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  1. Can anyone that has bought the unlocked version of the s10 share what the carrier aggregation options are? under ##data# lte menu
  2. Since the phones have passed though the fcc Will wavelength do a wall post article? From what I read is that it can do 2 carrier upload on band 41, 66 and 5. Also it looks to have a very good antenna across the board.
  3. Yes it is! My wife’s g7 isn’t aggregating the two bands so I’m not sure if that device supports that band combo. My device is the xs. I’ve checked multiple times to verify it’s not a mistake.
  4. Probably one of the most exciting finds with sprint to date, band 26 aggregated with band 25 on the cell serving where I live.
  5. Yes I’m waiting for the tower serving my home to have more spectrum brought online. Only 5x5 of 25 and 26 online
  6. Yeah there are a lot of rural areas around chambersburg that you can’t get a signal with T-Mobile. And then there’s some areas in town like in Hanover pa where shentel needs to place more towers or small cells due to congestion. I know in my area Verizon has been adding small cells and macros like crazy.
  7. Yes that sector I was on had 5x5 band 26, 10x10 and 15x15 bad 25, (2) 20mhz and (1) 10mhz of band 41.
  8. Per the engineering screens on my xs, the primary carrier is the 10mhz with two 20mhz carriers.
  9. Found a 10mhz channel of band 41 at the Hagerstown mall.
  10. So I’ll share my experience with the iPhone Xs that I bought unlocked from apple. I came from a carrier unlocked s9 plus, my carrier is sprint. So testing this iPhone that I bought on 10-12 in weak spots for sprint. It does just as well as my s9 if not better. Places where my s9 was roaming on Verizon 1x my iPhone would still have a sprint native 1x signal that I was able to complete a call over. As far as lte it held onto lte longer then the s9 did in the same spots before dropping the connection for 1x. The area I tested has no T-Mobile coverage at all so I know it wasn’t roaming onto them. Speeds on lte have also been faster then my wife’s lg q7 on the same carrier, band and server when testing.
  11. So far I'm hearing that the reception for LTE is pretty good across all carriers. Does anyone care to share how the XS does with cdma reception compared to other devices. I'm curious since this is the first Intel modem that supports cdma.
  12. Not sure, I bought mine from samsung unlocked to avoid bloat. That's one thing I like about apple.
  13. I have same results with location settings. Mine is unlocked as well
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