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  1. Let me know how reception compares to your s20
  2. I have a iPhone 12 Pro Max. I tested this phone against a unlocked s21 ultra and the iPhone held signal while the Samsung didn’t. Only device that’s better that I’ve tested reception wise is my trusty old s6 active from att. That phone gets signal in places that the coverage map claims no service. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is about 3-5 dbm worse then the s6 active. That device is also rubber and plastic, no glass. Also 2x2 antennas vs iPhone at 4x4.
  3. Which one gets better reception in weak areas?
  4. What all info does this app display vs the buggy field test
  5. When I was testing a factory unlocked s20 ultra 5g against my 11 pro and s6 active on att on edge of cell signal in a state forest in Pennsylvania the iPhone did better then the s20. I’m back on sprint again due to better coverage thanks to shentel. My iPhone has been able to place a call up to -126dbm. As far as the s6 active goes, it’s by far the best phone for reception I’ve ever owned. It’s held onto a useable signal where att coverage map says no service. I just ordered the new Se from apple and will test that out. It has much better antenna gain over the last few generations of the iPhone.
  6. So the pro held onto band26 longer then the Xs and the s10+. Also it held onto 1x 800 longer then both of those devices. It pretty much matched the iPhone 7 Plus I had years ago holding onto 1x. I never had the 8 plus to compare too
  7. I’ll be venturing into a state forest today with my 11pro. I’ll let everyone know my findings regarding usable signal vs the Xs and a unlocked s10+
  8. I had a upload on band 41 2x upload at 22mbps this evening. So far no complaints.
  9. So after waiting 2 hrs in line at the apple store I finally have a 11 pro. I can tell you the reception is alittle better then last years iPhones. It is a lot better then the unlocked s10 plus I was using which anything above -112 was useless.
  10. I'm just hoping that they designed the antennas better then last years. I had the xs and it wasn't bad, I have a s10 plus now and its horrible with anything above -114. I read awhile back that samsung did change there supplier for antennas starting with the s10. I've also read that the new iPhones are using a different material for there antennas this year. Hopefully wavelength does a breakdown soon.
  11. Can anyone that has bought the unlocked version of the s10 share what the carrier aggregation options are? under ##data# lte menu
  12. Since the phones have passed though the fcc Will wavelength do a wall post article? From what I read is that it can do 2 carrier upload on band 41, 66 and 5. Also it looks to have a very good antenna across the board.
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