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  1. Yess, Those are the mobilitie tower uses on the right of ways instead on private land. Thought more people would be interested to see how one looks in real life.
  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Good thing magic box relays the signal from the tower.
  3. You use a MB to help your signal and people around you signal. Disconnecting the MB because you have fiber. Doesn't help anyone. I have both a Airave and MB and I have fiber. Damn straight I wanna help as much people around me that have Sprint. It's a me-me country, no one looks after anyone else anymore.
  4. Petition it to be a holiday
  5. Exactly how my mind was thinking. I love Overland Park. Every time I go there I look up and feel as if its the Truman Show. It would be a great study how environment plays into the running of a company. If for instance if the company would have been headquartered in Reston, Va. Would the team been more opportunistic? I was in Overland Park two weeks ago. And just a feeling came over me like the Mark twain saying "When the world Ends, I wanna be in Kentucky, because everything there happens 20 years after it happens anywhere else."
  6. http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/burr-ridge/news/ct-dhd-central-antenna-sprint-tl-0315-20180309-story.html
  7. Actually, no it was NW of Ohio. I was going to Grover hill from Fort Wayne. It was off the highway close to Grover Hill. Just noticed this was posted in the wrong forums. If there's a better thread for the picture please move.
  8. This pic is somewhere in Ohio. I took it while I was doing 70.
  9. 30-40 megs. The dead zone in Woodman's has been fixed. In the store it was more like 10-15megs. Much Better then no service or 3G.
  10. New Microcell Found In Rockford IL. Location = https://goo.gl/maps/uAtzZ2yLzR22
  11. Same thing happened with PH03XC057 Tower In Phoenix. It is on a Hill with houses and private access. Keep bugging Marci and her team. and Finally They were able to activate B26. Which I found funny cause B25 isnt activated on the tower yet.
  12. Bother Marci on twitter and ask when this sucker will finally get 4G. Someone should get back to you and let you know.
  13. Tong Boy- Take a pic will you? And give me a location. When I get back in town I'll check it out.
  14. Unless this is a mistake. Mobilitie is also helping VZW on there small cell approach too. I'm familiar with them doing arenas with all the providers , just not small cell. http://www.downers.us/public/docs/agendas/2017/11-14-17/RES 2017-7580 - Right-of-Way License Agreement with Mobilitie, LLC - 11-14-2017_8260.pdf
  15. Wow, finally found a place that had signal. Ten percent at that and my download speeds are 20 megs+.
  16. It's initializing but can't latch on to a good enough signal. Thought these suckers had way stronger antennas then my phone.
  17. Hope? I'm sorry the company will always be the black sheep. I still can't on my conscience recommend Sprint to anyone. I'll always have my sero line and be a customer. Thank God, its not my sole provider. Ain't see nothing yet! Yeah, your damn right. 6 years running after NV and I'm still having the same problems.
  18. I spoke with escalations too and they looked in glance. And saw they'd be adding charter in the next 90days. They also said Comcast was scheduled in the next 120 days. Hell up an upgrade finally ????????????
  19. Just so you know, Sprint has been"selling service" for the last month and end of this month for free. Any new customer from a different carrier is not paying anything (for a year) but admin fees and couple bucks in taxes. Hence it's hard to see revenue spike, Unless some accounting magic.
  20. Surely, not from Sprint... I hope it'll be a good quarter. Don't think revenue growth will be there but with free service subs should be positive.
  21. That's one more new tower then Sprint puts up. And, That's coming from a Sprint fanboy.
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