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  1. Who the heck wants to live in Overland Park KS? It's like the damn Truman show. Marcello couldn't wait to leave. Lol
  2. Yay, you found Mimo. You know what tower it was?
  3. NIMBY people piss me off. But I will say that I really did feel strange when I took pics of the last mimo antenna in the PHX thread. I dunno if I'm extra sensitive or because the tower is only 40-50 feet high. But I personally notice a different feeling.
  4. Not really. I think they need to tune everything. The same places where 8x8 b41 struggled. Still struggles with mimo.
  5. PH29XC403 Half of the towers around me have been Mimo'd This one Im surprised. Ive been checking it out frequently. They did this sucker really fast.
  6. Too early to tell. I do get more stalls while using data. If that makes sense.
  7. It is. Speeds so far are around the same as with 8x8 antennas. Device Im using is Moto X2 force if that matters.
  8. Tmobile upgrading the tower closest to me.
  9. Doesn't look like Sprint to me. Looks like ATT
  10. In Tukee. By 40th and Chandler Blvd. Behind the fire department.
  11. I'm familiar . It should weight about the same as the RRU and antenna together. Well thats what Johnny Saw would say in conferences.
  12. Too early to tell. But I will say the Mimo antenna takes up so little space. They should be able to put that antenna on everything.
  13. Drove by just now. 8x8 panel has already been removed. Mimo panel live.
  14. Thanks for the answer. I was going to ask you privately but thought this was a pretty good question that others might want to know.
  15. So the 5g map link that's going around displays that 5G is available in my location in Az. I don't have any of the 128 mimo antennas around me. The 8x8 where added last summer. My question is. Would they be able to split the 8x8 antennas And run 4x4 in 4g and 4x4 in 5G? This would be a short term fix of course.
  16. I agree with Robert. Typically, Democrats tend to focus on helping the little guy. And with this merger, which ironically I want to happen for Sprints sake-It's going to fuc* all of us in the long term tho. Now the D's are grabbing on to that platform . I can see some trouble for the merger. I guess we'll just see what happens. Giving back to what I said a few weeks ago. About TMobile team staying @ Trump's place of business is smart. They wash his back. He washes their back. Pay for play my friends.
  17. runagun


    The other antenna... I know about the 5g one. The other is something I've never seen. Doubt it'll be the 16 port one.
  18. runagun


    So this is from Saws Twitter feed. What info do we have on the antenna that's with the 5g
  19. They should build them in Wisconsin. By FoxCON.
  20. Bud, You took it as a a disparaging comment.Subject Matter is T-mobile staying at his hotels. Chill on the Kool-Aid, it could give you diabetes. Oh, I see your from AZ. Coverage on the East Valley still stinks even after swapping to the Moto X2 force. They've upgraded 2.5 but they still have a bunch of holes around Gilbert. 202 East is a nightmare from I10.
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