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  1. Contact you credit card company if that was used to purchase the device. Most have some sort of accidental protection plan. Also, just reading your post made feel I should just stick with my Moto X I just got.
  2. Tried to access it and was forwarded to the main website. Anyone know a new link?
  3. Umm, I have alot to interject but will keep it brief. Number 1, Clears top mgmt was mainly guys from nextel & sprint. 2. They where trying to build a business that would provide not only sprint for 4g but also other providers that wanted to get into the game. Cable companies and even other cellular companies. That didn't pan out. 3. Sprint didn't have capital to built it out themselves. If it wasn't for Hesse & company sprint would probably be bits and pieces of other providers right now. It was in that bad of a condition.. A spinoff was needed, only way to get outside money and build a network. Now, I do think we could have had better integration between both companies panties network build. But that's a different matter all on its own. Where not out of the woodwork but at least where following the yellow brick road. Dorty wait up I'm coming for you. it's late and I'm being delirious...
  4. rumors has it 31xx MAh + so hope thats true
  5. CA just doubles your speed. But beam forming antenna can have a pretty good chance of improving your data service on the edge of service.
  6. This use to happen when I had nextel in Carbondale il. My door room was on the 12 floor and at the time nextel didn't cover Cdale. But in my room I was able to get service part of the day,Night time mostly. When it would rain I would get sporadic service around town. But, On a clear sunny day though I wouldnt get anything. After I graduated in '03 I think they finally added coverage a year or so later
  7. http://www.rcrwireless.com/20150528/network-infrastructure/sprint-reviews-contractor-bids-for-network-upgrade-tag4
  8. Then you would be called a socialist. And be relegated as such. Sadly the greater good is whats best for my pocket book. That's this worlds mentality. JFK's quote has been reversed. Its not what you can do for your country its what your country can do for you.
  9. Ooooh, Claure is headed to Japan to finalize New Network plan with Masa. https://twitter.com/marceloclaure/status/597685514255212544
  10. Happy BDay Robert! Health and Happiness to you and your family.
  11. I've been a loyal LG fan for a few years. But, I gotta say the S6 edge would look great in my hands
  12. Funny cause I wouldn't think that driving just two blocks from where the Oscars are being held And couldn't catch any 4G. This was this Friday, hopefully it was a glitch and got fixed.
  13. i wouldn't expect anything this year. I am hopeful for mid to end of next year.
  14. I love this guy. Can't beat them well just buy them. Lol “Anything could happen with me. I may decide to buy Verizon if the government allowed,” Son joked.
  15. Oh wow, Good Job. If Sprint Takes over most of the Uscc towers in northern IL., Network would be bullet proof.. Update: Looking at Google Map again it looks like the Container has been there for a while. Not sure when its dated. But I doubt I'm that lucky for Sprint to use that tower. If you ever make it to Marengo, Check on a tower for me. Last time I was there I saw a big storage container a lil away from the Uscc tower. Didn't see any work being done. Didn't know if it belong to the owner of the house or what. But would be a perfect location to add service. I live 5 minutes from there but currently in AZ and have no idea when I'll be back home. Link is below if you have time... https://goo.gl/maps/TddQN
  16. I love this new moxie that sprint is displaying. But it all goes back to the network. When all the inconsistencies in the network get fixed. I make sure all my business lines come back and more.
  17. Had Pretty decent LTE service at the base of the tower. But driving in Burlington didn't really seem better. I forgot to check if the meter was running. I think its still being worked on. That tower was sorely needed and its really good to see Sprint adding additional towers to some very sore points. Here's to hope they also use the US Cell tower half a mile from me in Marengo. Service Sucks in and around my house and Att wont give me better the 3megs on Dsl. Cheers
  18. https://goo.gl/maps/toa7I Google Maps link for ya.
  19. New Sprint Site in Burlington IL.
  20. Key West is a big sore spot. Service was non existent for data. Thank God my hotel had reliable wifi.
  21. Had 800 lte all over Walt Disney and Universal. Disappointed my phone never connected to any band 41. Signal was strong all over the place. Just throughput was congested...
  22. He wanted to make sure his call doesn't drop.
  23. Atuarre, you could always write a tweet to Marcelo and see what he says... Good luck!
  24. Translate the page to read, It seems initially its only going to be sold by Sprint... http://pclab.pl/news60777.html
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