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Found 18 results

  1. I just want to start a topic just for the Chicago land area deployment. If anyone has any updates on this please post below. I've been having some major issues lately with dropped calls, missing and late texts, and very slow data speeds. I know that it isn't my phone since both my personal and work phones are Sprint and they both have been having similar issues as of late. Thanks everyone!!
  2. It seems like Sprint is putting LTE in all the states around Ohio and not in Ohio except for the 1 tower in Cleveland. Anyone heard a reason why it has not started in Ohio
  3. I'm having trouble with reception at the location where my wife works.. is there anybody on this forum who can check status of towers in the area.. perhaps they are being upgraded? If not, is there an ETA for the LTE upgrades in this area? Thanks! Cross streets of N. Ramona Blvd and State Street... San Jacinto, California 92582
  4. In recent days, I saw some activity (workers installing new cabinets) at a tower just off I-40 in Pope County, Arkansas; this afternoon, I drove by the tower and saw what appear to be new (Ericsson) NV cabinets installed alongside Sprint's old Nortel cabinets: http://i.imgur.com/ZstTX.jpg The new cabinets are behind the older, bulkier cabinets. Sorry about the angle of the photo. It doesn't appear that work (antennas/RRUs) has started on the tower yet - I'll be watching for those changes.
  5. With the introduction of the new plans Sprint has announced. I told one of my friends about the $60 unlimited plan and she was shocked yet happy about it. She currently has T-Mobile and there has been times where my Sprint service has out performed her service even in the city with puling up information and out of town...well... you already know how that went. She was talking about switching and stuff but then she sent me a typical article bashing Sprint and I got irritated by it and I had to explain to her that Sprint is not bad at all. These articles are based on past experiences from 3+ years ago. I told her I'm pulling 60+ mbps on LTE but she's worried about Sprint being slow ( because of what she read). Guys give me some advice on persuading her to give Sprint a chance. I feel like articles that are being posted is what keeps away customers. It makes no sense that T-Mobiles 2g network is not spoken about when they are in the news for changes to plans and such. But good ol Sprint makes changes and articles that get posted rips Sprint apart for filth.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vVxAHVUvU4 Goal = 250 Million pops covered by mid 2014.
  7. So I have a tower that I've been keeping my eye on. It is a "Legacy" Marked tower, and it shows on the Maps as such. Looking at the tower, it looks legacy. Old panels still up on the tower. Now At work, I have a new NV Tower (New Panels, RRU's, etc.) and I connect to it on 3G SID: 4159 NID: 305. I go to this tower (Legacy Looking), sit right under it with a -58 signal and have the same SID: 4159 NID: 305. Now here's my big question. Could this possibly be either: A. GMO Site (According to a previous article, the Orlando Market didn't have any) B. Full Build with RRU's on the Ground (Cannot tell because of where the cabinets are cannot see them) C. Still Legacy (We are in an incumbent Market so could they be the same NID? Or does this only apply to eCSFB?) Or...Am I totally off in thinking that the SID/NID are different with Legacy/NV Equip? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Huawei CEO Formally announces exit of U.S. Network Gear Market: Read more: Report: Huawei CEO says company has exited U.S. network gear market - FierceWireless Expected this with U.S. Gov't breathing down their necks! Kris
  9. I do not know if there is already a thread for this but I left Sprint back in June due to the horrible speeds after 10 years with them I went to T-Mobile. I plan on switching back before the year is over once NV is more blanketed in Ohio more so Columbus OH. But for anyone who has a good amount of LTE in their state, How are you LTE speeds. Currently I am pulling in 30mbps on T-Mobile which is nice but I do not need all that. So how are Sprint's LTE speeds and how consistent are they?
  10. Two sites that I know of have what look like NV RRUs but are not "broadcasting" (for lack of a better word) LTE. One is at 8016 Strawberry Lane, Charlotte NC and the other is at 1759 Echo Forest Drive, Charlotte NC ("flagpole"). I have more photos of both sites, and can provide them if needed. Explanations welcome.
  11. when i pull up that thread it says a script is slowing down my browser then makes it freeze and quit responding any ideas on what to do? cleared the cache cookies and history...all the other maps run just fine
  12. Just curious will there be any nv protection sites caused by 800 smr? Where nextel had coverage where sprint does not? And if so will sprint ever expand its footprint in those areas? Or really anywhere? I know sprint atleast for the next couple years will be overhauling their whole network to try to compete in its existing footprint buti don't care what anyone says roaming just isn't the same as native. Just got a new job just outside sprints coverage and trying to drive and talk is almost impossible sometimes.
  13. Just wondering if other people have noticed increased battery life after alot of the NV upgrades as I have here in NYC. I typically would get between 7-8hrs on a GS3 on full charge. Now, using my girlfriends GS3, I get nearly 10hrs. That is a solid 20-30% increase in battery life. I did expect a slight bump in battery life..but not as much as I have ended up getting.. As a side note, I purchased an HTC ONE on release date and get about 12hrs on one charge with heavy use.
  14. Hey guys, figured id post something i found quite interesting about sprint. As you all know, sprint is in the process of a major network overhaul plan known as network vision. The usual deployment strategy of U.S carriers is to target the bigger and more highly populated markets where the base of the subscribers will be at. Sprint has done things a little different. It seems sprint is more focused on rural areas than the bigger U.S markets. Yes sprint has been lighting LTE up in bigger markets such as New York, and Indianapolis, IN. But at the same time, sprint has deployed LTE in smaller surrounding markets near the bigger sites. Usually the carriers focus on the bigger markets first, then the smaller markets last, but sprint seems to have all parties in mind on this one. Honestly, i like the way sprint is rolling out LTE, because people in more rural areas are anticipating LTE just as much as the people in more well known markets.
  15. EDIT: This site was determined to be an AT&T site further down in the thread. There is a new tower being installed near my place. Unfortunately, there are NO carrier markings on any of the equipment. The shack is still being built down in the parking lot. Can anyone tell anything from the attached photos. You can see two separate towers for the install. Mind you this is around a softball field oddly enough and this field never had lights before these towers were installed. This is the tower on the right. Only two wires to each of these panels (basically one side connected) but that being said this tower does not appear to be complete as the lower "rung" is not populated with RUUs. This is the left tower, it appear that there are two RUU's per panel. Note that one antena does not appear to be hooked up yet. That the other antenna has all four wires connected. I apologize for the suboptimal quality of the pics, these were taken with my phone. Plus I had to shrink them to fit them in this post. I have more pics of each tower if needed as well as the fullsize images that I can rehost elsewhere.
  16. I get REALLY bad 3G speeds at the bar I go to all the time. The thing is, the towers are right in the next parking lot and I have FULL bars. I cannot WAIT until NV hits this area! Here are a few shots taken with the phone exactly where I was standing while running the speed test. Srry for them being sideways, no time to flip them!!
  17. I was on my way home from work yesterday when I spotted something: http://goo.gl/maps/xDEK (GPS coordinates aren't Quite right, as I did this on my way back) From what I can tell this is a Sprint tower slated for a NV upgrade this month in Sprint's Ambitious June plan in Chicago.
  18. This is a tower that I pass on my way home. It is listed as one slated for NV but I can't tell if any work has started. Can any of you tell me any NV work has begun here?
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