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  1. I wish they'd start replacing all the flagpoles towers with the plam trees like I see Att doing with there towers.
  2. One would think that should have been the case long ago. Whats the purpose of having 100 megabits speeds. Then walking two feet to the left and having no service. They also need to turn up the power on 1900 Lte. Its just too weak. Two blocks away from the Tower and barely be hanging onto a signal. Well at least now the CEO is aware of the problem.
  3. Or do something like first gb is $10 and each additional gb is $5. I know they'd be some takers on that.
  4. B&V is used for Network Vision. As to the extent I couldn't' tell you. I remember hearing they where helping Samsung. But, its been a while since my buddy told me any information.
  5. runagun

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    Wow, such a disappointment. My call success rate hovers around 50% at home and not to include Wifi calling on this update is really sad. Honestly, no excuses especially since the LG Flex has it and essentially the same internals. Network vision needs to be finished already.
  6. runagun

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    NSA, your being monitored
  7. Damn, thats what that switch was for. Sorry. I'll go flip it now.
  8. Also, the biggest capital of any state as far as land mass.
  9. Being in Phoenix now makes me miss sprint in Chicago. Feel like the stone ages out here with data.
  10. T-mobile tower by me had fiber put in 2 months ago while lte got installed maybe three weeks ago. They were their maybe about 4 days to install everything. I can see it happening.
  11. Awesome, now I'll finally have coverage at my place hey guys, Am I suppose to glow?
  12. Haha, that's exactly why I was there.
  13. Yeah, sadly I've been experiencing that since day one. Seems Like something is not quite right. Its either not tuned or hurry up and put another panel that goes in a different direction to densify the network. Im not sure if they accounted for signal penetration when removing two or three panels and replacing it with just one. Today, I was in Chana, IL. and the network was unusable for data. 4G was not in sight and ehrp/evdo was going in and out which meant all I was doing was timing out. These things shouldn't be happening anymore. Not a good experience for new subs that we poach from the big boys.
  14. Sony needs to put dollars into marketing. When they learn to Market again then I could see them be a force.
  15. Popularity of the Evo killed the network. Sprints back haul consisted of multiple T-1 lines. Problem was they never forcasted demand properly.Same as when ATT launched the Iphone. Vzw was the smart one out of the bunch. Installing Lte while it was getting fully baked (Old Releases) was a big risk for Vzw. Essentially, they were ahead of the curve. *Do i really need to mention Wimax?* Regarding Ericsson- They were already in a hole when they took over. I'd compare it to a tsunami of Data That no one foresaw until too late. Brings back memories of when my home dial up internet was faster then sprints evdo network. Its like a bad dream thinking about it now. lol There is a whole myriad of factors as to why the Network was let go. Bright side from here on, it just keeps getting better. I wouldn't be surprised by the end of this year we get some number 1's in network reliability and Speed... #NewDayForData
  16. 4+ billion with less then a billion cash. Burning subs and $ like a drunken sailor. Cant see Son making a move on NII at the moment . Let the bankruptcy play out and if still interested pick it up for the cheap. Would be a great play for all the Mexicans that travel in the states and in Mexico. Ex... Unlimited calling between countries, Roaming,Data. Lots of potential there.
  17. Nah, it was the popularity of the Evo and lack of investments that crippled the network.
  18. Nii got its ass creamed when sprint shut Iden down and didn't have a decent way to replicate the beep with the US market. People didn't have a need to be paying a premium in Mexico anymore if they couldn't call US for free. Hence Nii is losing mexicans subs at a horrific rate. A glimmer of hope would be SoftBank to purchase them. But there in not to good shape until Iden gets cut off and they can focus on one network. Not sure if Son would want to go through all the headache.
  19. I was there in late April. Went to sprints campus and all. Sadly, the Vzw phone I had was beating sprint in speed tests on its own campus. Granted this was a few months back. Here's to hope a lot has changed. When I was there band 41 wasnt activated or my g2 never sensed it. On another note I know Rockford il is swimming in new Band 41 few a few months now. There's still holes around the city but I'm very hopefull that once they tune the network it will be top notched.
  20. Sadly, its Perception that sells. And we all know Sprints Perception sucks. But to be honest they had it coming. What I would like to see from Sprint is at least have one Market that is fully tuned/optimized by now. Even for me Chicago Market is better but theres still many holes. Something that Root Metrics and all the others confirm Sprint is Top Dog. It"ll be a great Day when that happens. Just frustrating waiting so long cause I really do want them to succeed. It sometimes feels they take one step forward and two steps back. So Marcelo if your listening put a fire under Sprints ass and make the public take notice.
  21. At One time Nextel owned Northern IL. Sprint let it go downhill big time by not collating their sites. Crystal Lake is a prime example. Now We can just hope for the best.
  22. runagun

    LG Optimus G

    HTCguy, Yes and yes... Great phone just uses single lte band. And battery life could be better..
  23. runagun

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    Afraid of LTE. lol. While, I experience the same problem it does stay connected to my airave much more then before the update...
  24. Little tidbit from Ceragon conference call... Lastly, there are three, there are large projects pending in the developed market. Most notably Sprint in the U.S., the Intercom and MegaFon in Russia and Vodafone in Western Europe. We believe that we are well positioned to be a vendor, for example Sprint is looking for ultrahigh capacity capabilities and our IP-20 platform can deliver 1 gig to each site in the air whereas competitors can only achieve this using compression technology. http://seekingalpha.com/article/2347895-ceragon-networks-crnt-ceo-ira-palti-on-q2-2014-results-earnings-call-transcript?part=single IP20- Platform Website link. http://www.ceragon.com/component/k2/item/893-ip-20-platform-overview Any Back haul gurus familiar in the product?
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