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  1. I know the guy. DO YOU? I have Family/Friends In the New York Real Estate Market. DO YOU? I don't care if you support him or not. Its smart what T-mobile did and will do. That's How you gain favor.
  2. Post above T-Mobile EXC staying at his hotel. What else would be a smart move?
  3. What you guys think this president is about? He wants to line his pockets that's it. Smart move by the T-Mobile group.
  4. In one way the graphic of Sprint beating VZW. 60megs to 50 in one way is kinda sad. VZW has 2.5x more customers then Sprint does and they still are competing.
  5. Just for shits and giggles do a prl and profile update. See if that changes.
  6. It's for Metro Pcs and it's always been that way. Just didn't enforce it until now. Dealers are losing money when people get there new phones and leave the store only to swap the device then sell it.
  7. Being a shareholder as probably most of us are. It was always known, Masa's intention was to combine Sprint & T-Mobile. It's easier to spend 50B in a network with 120+million customers then just 50m. When that couldn't happen. Yess, absolutely it that dinged Masa confidence in Sprint. All in all everyone is getting what they wanted when/if this merger goes through. I personally really have no doubt it will happen. Sit tight, if you work for either company sell the shit out of the services. Uncertainties always brings opportunities.
  8. If he bought the company there would have has much much less money for any capital improvements. His balance sheet is a lot worse. There's no one outside of a few companies that have billions that the can just throw to pump up a network. A business has to be self sustainable. Which Sprint wasn't for a decent amount of time, hence the cut in capital expenditures.
  9. Don't be dramatic. Lol. Can't wait to see Neville and Saw on the podium kicking ass and taking names.
  10. Red,. I applaud your passion. And no I'm not being condescending. But I disagree with what your saying. Yess, we didn't see the $5-6B that tmobile spends. Or the $10+B that the other two guys spend. The balance sheet couldn't support it. They had to be creative, Hence Mobilitie. I would have love to see money thrown Willy nilly to build more tower. But, at that point it couldn't be done. Now the point about Masa,. Think about it this way. It's like you got this big ass mansion with many guest houses. And fires all over the place. And a guest house catches ?. But your limited on how much water you can use. If you use too much, you won't have enough to protect the mansion. And then everything you worked for is down the drain. Or literally up in smoke. Masa has $100B+ in debt. Guy is not dumb. But he has to be selective on how to use the *water*. I think he's an incredible risk taker. Some pan out, some don't. But, I won't critize the guy, cause again if Masa didn't buy Sprint. Other carriers would be picking @ Sprint like vultures on the roads.
  11. Honestly, be happy Masa bought Sprint and kept it alive. He gave the company hope. The company is now more nimble and somewhat has a direction. If it wasn't for him it'd probably be parts for the other carriers.
  12. Its been pluuged in for the last day and no resolve. They want to send me a new MB. But the dont have any new ones to send. So Im stuck with poo poo service.
  13. Im talking to the big wigs @ from Marci's Office. Doesnt help that my MagicBox is stuck on device startup for the last three days. And its been unplugged. Anyone know how to take it apart so i can take the battery out of it to restart it?
  14. I've lost any sense of band 25 @ my home in Illinois. Magic box is down and now I'm on shit home wifi. And Sprint excutive relations has the audacity to say nothing wrong with the towers around me.
  15. This is pic on the other side when i was drving back from downtown. Guys where up there working. I think on one of the pics you can spot them. I do have to say, I'm quite impress with myself. Not easy to take pics while driving 55+mph. ? These are the other two pics I took while driving.
  16. Sorry I was driving and this is the best pic. . This is Chicago btw.
  17. I guess they took the approach as Apple does.
  18. Make sure if the airave is attached to your router and you have qos on the router. Give the airave highest priority. After I had done that my airave stop disconnecting.
  19. It takes 60-90 days to activate it on the system. Keep trying but realistically wait a few months and it should be working.
  20. The strongest Asset that sprint has in the business sector is the Nextel name. Sadly they Don't have the competence to exploit it. Sprint Mgmt and Maybe location of its headquarters has something to do with it. Nextel was built into the phone. No opening Apps, just find the contact and hit the button. I loved seeing every install company no matter competitor carried Nextel. Unfortunately, Sprints Indoor coverage is poor. Any Lte Solution wouldn't be robust.
  21. As far as adding towers. Its third world for Sprint. They could totally own this market if they invested. On a Side note Aldi is coming into town
  22. Yeah, I believe I got 3 carrier.
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