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  1. I enjoy hearing the updates from people who are seeing traces of LTE here and there in the DC market. Please keep your comments within the confines of decency as presecribed by the forum rules.
  2. I had a setback tonight in my admittedly non-scientific measure of network performance. I was not able to stream an Xbox Music album on my Windows Phone on my commute home this afternoon. I started the stream as soon as I pulled out of my parking garage at 9th and D and it never "hooked up" for me. I was surprised because I have been able to stream music on my commutes to and from DC as long as I was on the toll road (267) and 66. No joy on either road this afternoon. I will attempt to stream again tomorrow morning. Hopefully this is just a temporary blip.
  3. I don't have any formal speed testing apps for my HTC Arrive but I was able to stream an album using my Xbox Music pass from 267 (toll road) in Reston all the way down 66 to Constitution. The stream only cut out briefly (less than 2 seconds) a couple of times. Once I hit Constitution the stream became unusable. I have to say this is the first time I have been able to get such consistent performance from my phone outside of a Wifi connection. If this is what the network is going to be like once the NV buildout is complete I will be happy. That is as long as data stays unlimited. Now if Sprint would just get a Windows Phone 8 device in it's lineup... http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2412052,00.asp
  4. Agreed. I was looking at my bill for 6 lines on Sprint and was dumbfounded that we use less the 2gb per month combined. Then I thought about it and that makes sense since none of us can do anything on our phones short of receive e-mails and load simple web pages. To boot, Sprint is silent on support for Windows Phone 8. I may have to move on given that factor alone. I am all in on the MS ecosystem.
  5. dstrait

    Tower locations

    Good to hear! I knew I would take a hit when I left VZW but as long as there is hope for better coverage in the future I am more than happy to suffer a bit now while waiting for the full realization of NV. I just have to keep telling myself I made the move to get an affordable smartphone plan for the whole family.
  6. dstrait

    Tower locations

    Thanks for the quick response guys! I think I am dealing with both situations. There are areas that are at the bottom of hills where I drop (VZW manages to maintain signals in most of those BTW) and there are relatively flat areas where I think the signal is fading due to tower distance. Not sure to how to know that for sure so just guessing on the distance situation.
  7. dstrait

    Tower locations

    I'm curious if the NV towers will expand the coverage area surrounding them. Specifically, if there are "dead spots" between non-NV towers today, is there a chance those dead spots will be covered once the towers are upgraded to NV? If so, is this a function of the addition of frequencies (i.e. 800Mhz) or is it better equipment included with upgraded NV towers? There are multiple locations in my area where I am guaranteed to drop a call, which I assume is the result of a coverage dead spot. Curious if NV may resolve this alone or if the combination of NV and a new handset capable of the new frequencies will be required. Thanks...Dave
  8. dstrait

    Tower locations

    We had unlimited data (capped if course) but this was prior to VZW introducing tiered data plans. So yes, we gave up unlimited data but didn't know we were when we left.Frankly, we moved to Sprint because we both picked up smart phones for the kids and just couldn't justify the cost on VZW so not too worried about leaving the grandfathered unlimited data behind.I'm hoping the NV upgrades will address some of the coverage holes we both experience. We'll see. Not sure how Sprint compares to VZW in other markets but VZW is tops in DC. I hope NV will close that gap because I am sick of the VZW dominance. They charge $10 per phone per month for every little feature you want to add to your service. Sent from my T7575 using Board Express
  9. dstrait

    Tower locations

    I would like to chime in for a tower map of the Washington DC market. I am more interested in the northern Virginia area if that matters. I talked my brother into switching from VZW to Sprint and he has been cursing me ever since because there is a street in his neighborhood where he is guaranteed to drop a call every time. The signal in his house isn't all that great either. Never happened to him on VZW. I'm curious where his closest tower is located. Thanks in advance!
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