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  1. I have my phone in CDMA only mode a lot because LTE isn't always usable. I can pull down 5Mbps one minute and get network connection errors the next.
  2. LTE seems to work maybe 50% of the time, the other 50% is too slow to be useful. I'm going to assume this is normal for an unofficial market like Phoenix. It's very frustrating and it's been going on for several weeks, hopefully it gets resolved soon.
  3. Building penetration for LTE on my S3 seem fairly decent. Another tower went live in downtown Chandler and signal strength is great.
  4. The same thing is happening to another S3 on a different account. Mine is rooted, the other isn't. Both running 4.3 but I flashed 4.1 on mine with no resolution. It seems like certain S3s don't like certain Sprint towers.
  5. I took it to the Sprint repair center and they said nothing is wrong with the phone, that they've been doing lots of tower upgrades and to give it a couple of days and it might start working again. It's not the tower because there are other phones on my account that connect just fine, that didn't matter to them though. Doing more research I found this thread: https://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/90885 My problem started happening when the battery on the phone died. I didn't think it had anything to do with it but now it looks like it does. Of course, I've already tried everything me
  6. I'll flash stock back on there and take it to them tomorrow. I wish they could see it disconnecting but oh well.
  7. I flashed CM10 and went back to stock, didn't help. It keeps connecting to Sprint's network then disconnecting constantly. There's no more stable connection but only when I'm home or nearby. I don't think there's anything else I can do that software related so now my question is, will a Sprint repair center even look at the phone if it's over a year old? There's no repair center near me so they aren't going to be able to duplicate the problem so maybe there's no point and I should just wait it out to see if it resolves itself as sudden as it broke or if I should just replace it.
  8. I flashed MB1, MD4, then MK3 but that didn't help. Right now I have it in CDMA/LTE mode and it's connected to CDMA eHRPD, every once in a while I will lose signal and regain it, I assume this is when it tries to connect to LTE. I will try to do another hands free activation later today when the phone has no problems connecting to LTE. I haven't tried ODIN to stock, I will do that this weekend if everything else fails.
  9. I'm running a custom ROM and it had been working great until all of a sudden the phone started rebooting constantly but only when I was home. I've found that if I swtich the network mode to CDMA only, the phone is stable and works great. Switching to CDMA/LTE throws the phone into an endless reboot loop of causes the signal to be lost, depending on which kernel I have flashed. I have the MK3 modem flashed and I've flashed it several times, I've done a complete wipe of the phone and reflashed the ROM, nothing helps. Having the WiFi on or off makes no difference. Could the problem be hardwar
  10. Got 4G signal on Dunlap and I17 all the way to 43rd Ave and finally lost it at Peoria Ave. I was pulling down anywhere from 5MB to 25MB/s. I tried mapping it on Sensorly but the app getting force closing.
  11. It switched between 3G and 4G without problems with the stock ROM but since flaching this new one I don't automatically get 4G, I have to toggle Airplane mode. I reflashed the modem but that didn't help. My build and basebands are MD4 and I did try the MB1 baseband with no luck. Any ideas what could be the problem?
  12. I really thought Yuma would be the first city in AZ to get LTE but I based this solely on the proximity of CA's LTE. It looks like it's creeping into Yuma.
  13. Is the sensitive LTE signal as a result of the unfinished LTE rollout or is it my SIII that can't keep a steady signal? I can get LTE at my desk indoors in Chandler but I keep losing it every few minutes, I get no signal outdoors. I also got LTE at Chase field on Sunday for a few minutes then it disappeared, no signal outside.
  14. I lost LTE in Chandler about an hour ago, haven't seen it since. My 100kbps 3G is back though
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