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  1. I won a V40 from Sprint in January of '19 and ever since I switched to it all my reports show as 312-530 A good chunk of the reporting on Cellmapper for 312-530 in the southern and central US I contributed to. I'd love to see the data combined into one map.
  2. Still waiting for them to add more sites up here, but in the last 3-4 months they have obtained permits to add B41 on all the sites in Columbia County
  3. Yes, they recently opened 8 Express Stores in Walgreens in Gainesville, and from I have been told by current employees ( I used to work for Sprint Corp in Gainesville) they have a large scope agreement with Walgreens and will be expanding the Express stores and installing network equipment in most stores.
  4. If they haven't yet they will most likely install a mini macro sites in most every Walgreens. They recently turned on sites at the Walgreens in Lake City and Like Oak. Attached is the screenshot that I took from the Lake City store today. The nearby Macro site has not been upgraded to B41 yet
  5. So I just stumbled across what appears to be a new Sprint mini macro or small cell in Lake City right by Columbia High School it is still under construction by Mobilitie and the site id listed on the pole is JA90XS054 pics here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jhg5b5qfffimeoc/AAAnogePf_IEtZcie67spx7Ha?dl=0 EDIT: Just uploaded permit to the dropbox folder as well
  6. They just starting mounting panels today on the site in ellisville fl which is in the Panhandle market so I'd imagine Tallahassee has or will have work going on soon other than the ground mount sites that have been completed.
  7. Looks like the site in Lake Butler is live. I started mapping it on Sensorly this morning.
  8. Per Sensorly it looks like we might have got some LTE love in St Augustine this week!
  9. Every Sprint site that I have been to in Florida has had a generator. I think the potential for power outages caused by natural disasters has something to do with it.
  10. I know of some very recent towers that were added and they were not NV. I believe the reason is the amount of time it takes to get a new site done, so when the process was started they were not deploying Network Vision. I agree it doesn't seem very smart to put up new equipment that will be replaced shortly, but it's just a reality of the way Sprint works.
  11. http://newsroom.sprint.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=2382 The 4G LTE Network build is under way in the following areas: Aguadilla-Isabela-San Sebastian, Puerto Rico Albermarle, N.C. Anderson, Ind. Asheville, N.C. Athens, Tenn. Athens, Texas Austin, Texas Barnstable Town (Hyannis/Midcape), Mass. Baton Rouge, La. Bethesda-Rockville-Frederick, Md. Boston Cambridge-Newton-Framingham, Mass. Charlotte, N.C. Chattanooga, Tenn. Chicago Clarksville, Tenn. Cleveland, Tenn. Coamo, Puerto Rico College Station, Texas Columbia, Tenn. Columbus, Ind. Cookeville, Tenn. Crossvill
  12. Most of the Ericsson trucks that you are going to see are Network Opps (the guys who maintain the network) and they are as clueless as us on when the deployments are going to be done. They generally don't find out until the build on a site is almost complete.
  13. When I was talking to some tower tech contractors working on an AT&T site up here a few days ago they said they had counterparts doing Sprint builds in the Tampa area right now, and I would assume it was Network Vision that they were doing.
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