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  1. Just got my LG V50 today and was worried at first because SignalCheck was having issues where it wasn't updating the signal info. But after this update, things seem to be working now!
  2. Yeah so Speedconnect and Sprint initially did some swaps back in middle of 2017 - mostly Sprint got SC's E, F, and H block for their BRS2 (and probably some money). Last year, it looks like SpeedConnect let their Blackhawk College lease expire for the C and D block, and Sprint picked those 2 up, so now they are sitting pretty well with 100MHz+. At their current configuration, it seems like they are only using the F, H, and G-blocks. I haven't seen any C, D or E spectrum used around here yet. Almost all the sites are using 3 B41 carriers, but only a couple sites I've seen have really
  3. Interesting I think I saw one of those in northern Iowa. Almost mistakened it for a Hexadecaport, but upon closer look I didnt see the right RRUs.
  4. Coming in, I visually saw the panels on the tower just west of Northwoods mall - got about 28 and 32 Meg, 10 up. Then went to the Bass Pro Shop - had a B41 signal except the in back and tested about 18-20Meg, and then B26 was pretty good and got about 8 Meg. I think the tower I was pulling was the 4-points downtown hotel one. Also went by Bradley - that tower didn't even have any LTE yet Then the tower by the Grand Praire mall didn't have B41 yet, but B26 was very usable at 12Meg. Looking in my SCP logs, it looks like I picked up B41 off of a few other towers....we should get
  5. Forgot to mention I went to Peoria on the 1st...found about 4 towers live with B41- got about 25 Meg down on each of them. Pretty nice to see that Sprint is now comparable to Verizon now!
  6. Nice article! I wish we had that in my area...Our farm house is in the middle of the ends of 2 DSL providers: AT&T from the north and Frontier from the south...neither want to build out. AT&T is the the current POTS provider, and recently laid all new underground lines, but didn't bother to extend DSL service ... 57,000ft. from the CO that's from a town twice as far away from the closest town with a CO! Still running on a Sprint 3G card, though...it's not too bad since the NV upgrades
  7. I find the insurance pretty convenient. I have the $11/month plan and this past Saturday, I cracked the screen on my G3, submitted the paperwork around noon Sunday, and the replacement shipped out Sunday at 8pm. Didn't get it until Tuesday at noon, but that's not too long. Not to mention, I bought my G3 from a guy off of Craigslist only 4 weeks ago...I don't think any other insurance would cover that!
  8. chris92

    LG G3

    Yes, the seller is required to put in the esn/meid when listing it so that the admins can check it...the actual number does not appear on the listing. You don't even need a paypal account to buy--you can use a credit card that goes through paypal. Sellers have to be paypal verifed, I believe.
  9. Ebay...A guy just offered me $75 for mine....I think I'll try to push it higher.
  10. It's also nice to see traffic going straight to Chicago instead of Kansas City, much faster pings!
  11. 3G upgrades are here in the metro Quad Cities! Last week I was lucky to get 0.2MBit down in town and now it's pretty amazing! This is at Augustana College:
  12. For anyone looking to buy a U770, there's a guy on eBay selling them for only $15: http://www.ebay.com/itm/161128043193 Not too bad considering the other LTE cards are over $100.
  13. Just got my Tri-Band FreedomPop MiFi 500 today (Saturday)! They just slapped a "FreedomPop" sticker over where it should say Sprint on the box , and pre-opened the box to put in their leaflet on how to get connected to the device It came pre-activated, it said it was activated on the 10th of October. So far so good - I was surprised that I got an LTE signal from where I am at: I did a Speedtest with these stats: Signal strength (RSRP): -112 dBm, Signal quality (RSRQ): -11 dB
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