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  1. Just got my LG V50 today and was worried at first because SignalCheck was having issues where it wasn't updating the signal info. But after this update, things seem to be working now!
  2. Yeah so Speedconnect and Sprint initially did some swaps back in middle of 2017 - mostly Sprint got SC's E, F, and H block for their BRS2 (and probably some money). Last year, it looks like SpeedConnect let their Blackhawk College lease expire for the C and D block, and Sprint picked those 2 up, so now they are sitting pretty well with 100MHz+. At their current configuration, it seems like they are only using the F, H, and G-blocks. I haven't seen any C, D or E spectrum used around here yet. Almost all the sites are using 3 B41 carriers, but only a couple sites I've seen have really
  3. Interesting I think I saw one of those in northern Iowa. Almost mistakened it for a Hexadecaport, but upon closer look I didnt see the right RRUs.
  4. Ebay...A guy just offered me $75 for mine....I think I'll try to push it higher.
  5. It's also nice to see traffic going straight to Chicago instead of Kansas City, much faster pings!
  6. 3G upgrades are here in the metro Quad Cities! Last week I was lucky to get 0.2MBit down in town and now it's pretty amazing! This is at Augustana College:
  7. We don't know when one will be upgraded, but the ones that are upgraded for 4G aren't upgraded for 3G yet. So 3G still may be bad. I can tell you that the tower South of Milan IL has been upgraded for 3G (but not 4G), and speeds are around 2Mbit down.
  8. Very true - if only we know which are the 800 mhz . Verizon 700 mhz can go some crazy distances!
  9. LTE signals only travel about 5 miles on average...line of sight maybe 10 miles, in town with buildings, 2 miles.
  10. Just went to the Sprint store by Target, and no LTE on any phones . I need to get off this Verizon plan soon!
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