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  1. So did they end up breaking the 3xCA on this phone?
  2. It sounds like it messes up Android Auto. And also you can't easily set the do not disturb mode without messing with the calendar so it's not as easy now :( I'm very interested if it'll stop the vibrating during a call when you get a text.
  3. The price of an LG G6 just dropped this past Sunday at best buy. Roughly $10 a month's for 24 months. You can pay it off with a few days. I'm waiting for it to go lower but it does have calling plus.
  4. I believe Tim mentioned something to that fact that 64T64R will only be deployed where an 8T8R is already maxed out. or at least that was the impression I seem to recall. So rather then just dropping in the 64T64R in any old tower they'll only drop in very few 64T64R units where it's actually going to make a big difference. I believe he stated that they would be pretty rare. Say only a handful of sites in NYC would even be potential upgraded for them at this time. Due to cost, and how much the sites actually needed them etc. Take that with a grain of salt though -J
  5. Well my phone just died about an hour ago. I couldn't get it to restart. It tried holding the power button and all the usual tricks. It had changed overnight and was probably around ~70% battery so I know it wasn't a dead battery. Before it died I had pulled it out and sent a text and then left it on the desk. came back an hour later and it was dead. I put it back on the wireless charger for a bit - nothing. Then plugged it into the usb port on the computer (I had previously enabled USB debugging)- still nothing. I was getting pretty worried and finally started looking up dead nexus 5 online. I had gotten the boot loop issue a couple years back but heard the power switch gets defected and had pulled the phone apart and replaced the switch and things have been just fine for years so I was doubting it could be that. Plus I wasn't boot looping anyway - it was dead. I did some reading online and someone suggested holding volume up and down and the power button. I did that and got a short vibrate. After that a little while later I tried the power button line normal (it still wasn't showing any charging screen or anything as it was still plugged into the USB at this time) and it actually fired up. Everything appears normal not. I have no idea how long it was running but interpolating it from my previous post and being a little cautions as I'm not sure the exact time of day I posted etc. I'm guessing I had at least 1,318 hours on it since the last restart. Still no bad texts or anything else. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it was just a random bug from being on so long. But meanwhile I' have been daily checking to see if the LG G6's go on sale again at best buy as the two I picked up I gave to family so I'd still like to get another one for me. but I figured I'd at least the status regarding the Nexus 5 from my previous posts
  6. Let's take an email account for example. Even if I log into my email on my mobile device at my home (secure) wifi or over Sprints (Secure) data. But I keep the browser open so it remembers I'm logged in. they can still get my login info even if I just browse my inbox (without entering in my info?) later over an unsecured connection even though my device has a cookie (or whatever) letting the site know I'm already logged in?
  7. @Tengen31 mind explaining why? Personally I won't log into anything (email, online accounts, ect) over a unsecured wifi connection but after I log in over the cell network I don't mind browsing it over unsecure wifi. Perhaps I'm naive about other possible security issues so I''m just trying to learn if there's something else I'm not aware of
  8. That is something I've been wondering about. I would think most people there are going to want to be uploading to social media rather then look at what others are doing during the game. However I'd assume they track that amount of data tha is uploaded (and downloaded) during previous events and consider than during planning. but I honestly hope it work out well for all parties involved
  9. You might want to update the figure in the title to $1,000,000,000 you missed a 0 on the end
  10. I always flash routers, I never purchase one that can't support dd-wrt, tomato, openWRT etc. One thing that's nice though when you have moutiple routers to flash is to do a batch of the same ones at the same time, if you can get your friends / family to order them at the same time and then they all wait and bring them over to you it's actually not all that bad to do 3-5 all at once. Most of the time it takes to flash a router is the waiting game. Get a few and just work round robin and by the time you're ready to go back and do the next step the first router is already past the waiting period. Just a thought
  11. No I gave the 2 I picked up away to others on the Framily plan I'm on. They went on sale again but the sale ended on Christmas day. I've been checking daily since then but it went up to $9.99/month and now the $13.75/month price you already saw. I'm hoping it'll drop back to the $125 price as I'm wishing I could still get one for myself but I don't follow pricing trends to know if it'll ever fall that low again or if it's just a pipe dream at this point.
  12. It looks like someone was able to port over the camera app from the Pixel. I haven't read through the whole thread but from the sounds of it you basically can install this APK on your phone and then you open either the stock LG Camera App or this (modified) one from the Pixel. https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g6/how-to/google-camera-hdr-ported-g6-t3655374 If you can get Pixel quality imaging from this lower cost phone that sounds like a win o me.
  13. long term I think your current deal would be hard to beat. If I was in your situation and happy with my current performance then I'd stay put.
  14. Yes I'm running 6.0.1 Some days I text a bit and other days not much. When it finally decided to have the glitch I'll try to remember to post an update with hour long it went. One thing I have been doing is keeping my data off. I turn it on if someone is going to text me a pic or if I'm going to send one but I just try to keep my data usage to a minimum.
  15. I just looked at my Nexus 5 and realized it's been running for 550 hours (about 23 days) not a text issue at all in this time. Not saying the problems or issues are gone just mostly just an FYI. (although it sounded like you put your Nexus 5 to other uses based another one of your posts)
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