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  1. Thanks. Now thats surprising since I lived in Elsinore since 2009 and saw no expansion.. hell the tower off railroad canyon by the walmart is still only b25. I know Menifee area was also bad for sprint especially between Ynez and right before you get to the 215.
  2. damn those pictures are nice!
  3. doesn't that just put it back to sprint only with roaming?
  4. Yeah I agree, well maybe they'll user verify their 5G coverage eventually.
  5. Unless they are doing something with the network at the moment i totally agree. their 5G maps are very deceptive lol
  6. yep you got it. do you know if you're in a 5G area? i have NR as soon as i walk outside at -100. the towers around me havent been upgraded so im picking this up from a pretty distant tower actually.
  7. If you click the link in the faq it says effective April 28
  8. I wish mine would do that so I don't have to keep disabling and enabling sprint bands. At home my phone parks on unusable signal -122.
  9. Security update out Edit: Still says April patch, don't know what it changed.
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