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  1. S10 5g phone looking tempting even though I probably won’t see 5g for several years. Price seems to have been lowered from previous estimates. https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2019/03/24/samsung-galaxy-s10-5g-release-date-galaxy-s10-plus-upgrade-camera-battery/amp/
  2. You are right! Was at the supermarket last night and I was on Band 4. I could finally use iMessage and Chase pay. Definitely will be keeping my 7 plus a bit longer now.
  3. Got 12.1.1 on my iPhone 7 Plus. Still no T-Mobile roaming. I guess my expectations should be lowered. VoLTE not working either but that is not a big concern. I am in a launch market.
  4. That is disappointing. I hope T-Mobile roaming will come to this phone soon. Not interested in buying a new phone yet. The 7plus is holding up extremely well for a 2 year old phone. Very solid.
  5. Downloaded iOS 12.1 earlier today. Just came back from the supermarket. Just Sprint 1x and 3g. Still no T-Mobile roaming. Very sad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. My 7 plus screen was broken so I went back to using my older Nexus 6p in the meantime. Wow! I was roaming on T-Mobile B2 and B4 most of the time. I could actually use my phone at the supermarket. I even was using T-Mobile B4 at my house which normally has a weak Sprint B26. So I fixed the screen on my iPhone 7 plus and now I can't roam on T-Mobile. Went to the same supermarket this morning and the phone was as useless as it was before. On the phone now with Sprint but it doesn't appear that are able to help me.
  7. Was at the Eagles parade. Phone was totally unusable. No calls, no texting, etc. But it was a great time. So happy for the team and the city. Heard chants “F*** Tom Brady”. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Is there any way on the iPhone to check voice signal strength? Magic box working better now. Getting upper single digits download speeds. Perhaps it’s due to being early in the day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Question. Just got the Magic Box a few days ago. I have an iphone 7 plus. The data speeds have increased from 0.50 Mbps to about an average 2 Mbps. The phone shows full bar strength for signal. I though that the bars only indicate call signal strength (CDMA2000) and not data. If the Magic box is for data only, why does my phone show a much improved signal for voice?
  10. We had bought a SIM card in Greece from Cosmote in 2015. It was set up on my wife's old AT&T iphone that year. Went back in the summer of 2016 and used it on my Nexus 6p. It worked perfectly. Coverage and sound quality were outstanding. Much better than what I experience with Sprint. Was a bit stingy with the data. Adjusted settings to limit data use. 1 GB cost about 5-10 Euro (can't recall exactly). Don't know about Textra but I didn't use Whatsapp often because it was tied to my SIM card number. Same applies to Textra. Found myself using Facebook messenger most often. Most people there avoid SMS because they still charge for texting. Found it funny that a few people I knew with iphones did not use iMessage because of possibility of the message reverting to SMS. My sister had used mifi in the past. I prefer just using a smartphone. Much simpler and data usage is easier to limit with a smartphone.
  11. Yes it is a good deal. My family will sign up for this plan tonight or tomorrow. Wifey works for Comcast. This is going to cut our bill significantly. You can have up to 5 lines and you can some on unlimited and others per GB. Wife uses a ton of data so she will pay $45 for unlimited. The others don't use much data so they will be $12 per GB combined. I don't think the other 3 people will be using more than 2GB combined. So that would be $45 + $24. $70 for 4 lines is a good deal. They are now on AT&T and pay about $240 per month. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. It seems that almost all the New Jersey people that had posted here have left Sprint. I'm I the only one here still on Sprint? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. This phone is just not very durable. Went on an all day hike yesterday at Ricketts Glenn State Park in Northern Pennsylvania where temperatures were in the teens. I was using my Nexus 6p (my backup phone) as a GPS device (Backcountry Navigator App). My main phone now is an iphone 7 plus which I used as a camera yesterday . Both phones were fully charged in the morning and both were in airplane mode most of the day since there was no signal in the area. Both phones were in my pocket. About 6 hours into the hike, the Nexus 6p shut down and could not be successfully restarted. It was showing low battery as the issue. But when I had checked about a half hour before it shut down, the 6p had about 75% battery left. I guess the 6p couldn't stand the cold too well. When it returned to normal indoor temperatures the battery percentage went back up to 70% and it was working just fine. The iPhone handled the cold just fine. There were no issues all day. Android has the advantage in utilizing the GPS with the phone in airplane mode to conserve battery. Which is why Backcountry Navigator only has an android app. Wonder if any other android phone would have worked better in cold temperatures.
  14. To my surprise, the last tower around me without LTE just got LTE. I mapped it on Sensorly. It's on the NJ turnpike north of exit 7 but below 195 right behind the rest stop on the water tower. Only problem I have is there are still areas around me without LTE. And the areas with LTE are a weak B26. Hopefully Sprint will continue to improve this area.
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