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  1. I would agree with this, a considerable amount of time I spend is off of b41. One thing to add to the thread, I have had a fantastic time with VoLTE in Albuquerque. There’s a site in the east canyon on my way home that offers nearly 0 data on LTE. However, VoLTE is flawless through LTE drop zones, at least where I travel and spend time on the phone.
  2. VoLTE is now live in the Albuquerque/New Mexico market. Loving it! Edit: iPhone XS Max
  3. Yes! Very well surprisingly, but being able to pull traffic away from the B25 2xCA nearly all around makes the experience amazing!
  4. Although not much in the city, the East Mountains (where I live) have been having upgrades like crazy. B41 2xca or 3xca on most sites now, along with TMobile roaming and ATT roaming. It’s crazy to see how Sprint is by far one of the strongest now up here. Just months ago it was only B25, and scattered B26 sites.
  5. I've been noticing that as well here in the East Mountains. Edgewood and Moriarty have B41 now, and every site in the canyon has LTE. Very slow LTE in some areas, on par with 3G, but fast enough for VoLTE. I'm thinking almost the entire metro has very usable data now!
  6. I believe it, the average has increased completely. According to the RootMetrics 2H17 ABQ report, "Sprint's median download speed increased from 1.6 Mbps to 7.1 Mbps." Also considering most GMOs in the state have LTE turned on now, the entire market has improved in the past 6 months or so.
  7. I have a T-Mobile Note8 and it’s fairly unreliable through there. You get LTE in the towns but between them it’s nothing. (Like emergency calls only/no service nothing) I don’t remember exactly compared to Sprint however.
  8. It’s only on Android. (For now at least)
  9. Face ID has always worked for Apps still only set up for Touch ID. This update cosmetically “added” Face ID to the app’s log-in process. Not much changing in the consumers view.
  10. Hmm, where was the quote from? I know direct from Apple, a dead iPhone 6S replacement out-of-warranty is only $299 + tax.
  11. Just as an update from a few minutes ago, San Antonio and Louisiana, 26 down, 6 up. San Antonio and Wyoming, 57 down, 5 up.
  12. That's what I thought too, but the lunch hour here is so hard on all of the networks since its a busy area for office/industrial lunch breaks.
  13. By unusable, I mean nothing gets through-3G needed for most iMessages and other small things to go through. During the lunch hour, it is barely usable with 0.5-2mbps.
  14. Anyone else notice that Speedtest.net now prioritizes Sprint servers in PHO and LA? I've never been on a Sprint server while testing here in Albuquerque before!
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