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I keep checking all the forums hoping to find out something new from sprint but they have been awfully quiet.


I kind of miss the Clearwire/ SoftBank and Dish days. Yeah it was annoying because we didn't know how the outcome will turn out but other than that it was entertaining



Hopefully we learn more about Triband and more of softbanks vision on the next earnings call.

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The next earnings call is only about 3-4 weeks away. I'm bored too and I really want to know the status of the G2, HTC ONE MAX, NEW NEXUS, NEW IPADS, 800 LTE and 800 CDMA deployment on a mass scale and 2600 being added to NV towers.

Dont worry..i truly believe that october will be a strong month for sprint. The Note 3 release on oct 4th will kick things off along with possibly the LG G2 release in late Oct and htc should be announcing something about the htc one max in Oct. Also there are rumors about google hosting an event in mid Oct to talk about the nexus 10, nexus 5 and android 4.4. To top it off, sprint Q3 earnings report should occur by halloween to shed more light on the 800 MHz CDMA and LTE progress.


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Sprint isn't just coming back, it is building to be the gold standard once everything comes together. By summer 2014, I can't even imagine how NV will be performing once triband has made its impact and 800mhz/1900mhz/2600mhz is coast to coast.

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The clip link should get a sticky. Everyone should watch it. I love the marketing play, it makes sense. Push in 2014 when the nay sayers will be shown the reality of network vision.


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I can only hope that Sprint becomes an aggressor in 2014 not just in speed but also in growing their networks.

From what Hesse was saying, 2014 and forward will be a good year for sprint. Most of 1x800 should on for voice also LTE on 800 and not to mention they will be working hard to bring LTE on 2600 nationwide.


Also back haul should be done to so 3G will greatly improve as well

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    • Another SCP beta is rolling out now -- should hopefully resolve the issue with the new NR NSA band display missing on some devices. To clarify, this new field will only appear if the NR frequency is identified (i.e. the app is showing "5G-NR 2500"). If the frequency is not displayed, that means it is not available.. this information is not widely reported on NSA connections yet, although it is becoming more common. @chamb your S22 was not reporting the information at the time of your report, that is why you are not seeing it.
    • Sprint eNB 5777 -> T-Mobile eNB 219211 Located at 40.598077070553046, -74.06554695233527 I actually passed by this site last summer when I was searching for Staten Island keep sites and at the time it wasn't broadcasting the keep PLMN. 
    • March 1st Play Store update appears to be out for our device (not sure when it came out).
    • Mike, i sent you a screen shot of my S22 not displaying the band or site note or the neighbor list as I see on your example.
    • Hmmm interesting.. it's working on my Pixel 7 and A32, you should see something similar to below. I will add some extra logging and get another update out tonight.  
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