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    • By aerxx
      I have a unique problem. Sprint is going to replace my phone because the screen went out. Touch screen still works, just the back-light or whatever won't illuminate the screen, but I have a custom ROM on the phone with a custom recovery.
      I need to reset my phone because of my personal information mainly, but I'm also concerned that they are going to charge me a ton of money if they find out my phone was running a custom ROM.
      1. I'm going to reset my ROM and firmware via KIES, seems to be the easiest way since the screen won't turn on.
      2. does KIES reset the binary counter or will it just add another download on to the counter?
      Either way I have to do this, I'm just looking for a few answers. Ideally my hope is they just scrap the phone and use it for parts, but I don't think that's going to be the case.
    • By kckid
      Sprint has begun offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 in an exclusive Amethyst Purple color option.
    • By kckid
      Technobuffalo had 3 articles testing different phones on T-Mobiles LTE network.
      Here is a summary of the speed differences:
      iPhone - Download: 32.32Mbps Upload: 13.57Mbps
      Note II - Download: 57.99Mbps Upload: 20.16Mbps
      HTC ONE - Download: 27Mbps Upload: 11.52MBps
      Why is a big difference between the HTC ONE and the Note II.?
      I don't know how many test were run, and if these are averages, but it doesn't look good for HTC to be the slowest.
    • By spotmeterf64
      Hi all,
      I've been using a 3G BlackBerry for the past few months, and it's pretty boring. Sure BlackBerries are great phones (I love the keyboard and email/messaging capabilities the most), but the main reason I stick with it is the reception/antenna on the Galaxy Nexus made the phone nearly unusable, coupled with poor battery life. With the BlackBerry, although I get excellent reception, I do not feel as though I am getting my money's worth out of Sprint's plans.
      My apartment is in a marginal Sprint coverage zone, so I need a phone with a strong antenna to be usable. BlackBerries are famous for this; the Nexus failed.
      Airave is a non-starter because it has to be by a window (ugly) and my neighbor has an Airave already; I believe this is the reason I had problems before with my Airave. My phone would try to handshake between two Airaves and drop the call. I am unsure if there is a way to tell your phone to only connect to one Airave or not; I returned the device.
      I'm seriously considering buying a Note II soon; so my question is: to those that have used this phone for a while, what is the reception like in comparison to other phones you've used? My apartment gets 1-2 bars of 3G (sometimes dropping down to 1X) with my BlackBerry; with the Galaxy Nexus unless I was directly in front of a window the call would drop and calls would go directly to Voicemail.
      Thanks for any insight!
    • By kckid
      The issue appears to be related to the NAND becoming corrupted and killing off the Galaxy S III’s mainboard, which causes the phone to essentially “brick” itself.
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