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Sprint nabs exclusive purple Galaxy S3


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    • I just installed the latest beta on one of my two Moto One 5G Ace devices and now it crashed multiple times on startup.  I tried clearing all data and cache and it got as far as asking for phone permissions, then crashed.  I tried to send diagnostics from Android but I'm not sure if they'll tell you anything. I eventually set the permissions manually from the App Info screen and it then crashed when trying to import the database, but when I tried it again, it did import successfully.  So I've set everything back up again.  I don't know what happened. - Trip  
    • Its CBRS. I posted this site a while back.     
    • Headed back down to San Marcos today and this time got Dish 5G (see my tweets from today). Decent amount of coverage, all the way up through Kyle, though there were parts of San Marcos where supposedly Dish sites were live that I was roaming on AT&T. Saw as much as 30 Mbps up and 120 Mbps down, though typical speeds were more like 35 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up. So n66 SDL is live but the network isn't dense enough to have it on all the time. Traffic hits the internet in Dallas (yay AWS Local Zones!) but latency isn't great, at around 70ms to Dallas. Better than hairpinning to Columbus like AT&T roaming does, but I've seen comparable latency to Columbus on AT&T vs. Dallas on Dish. Coverage peters out around where SH 45 SW turns into MoPac, which is encouraging. Maybe it'll hit Austin proper in a few months. If they can tune all the sites like the one on 35 with 120/30 peak speeds on really good RSRP (-70s), they could wind up as the #2 fastest network in areas AT&T/VZW haven't hit with C-Band yet.
    • A whole lot going on at eNB 48052 at Park and 31st. Anyone know if the extra panel above the n41 antenna is c-band?
    • Another update: After spending several hours on the phone with Sprint ppl (who were very nice and polite, just ineffectual), taking complete notes (with names and quoted dollar amounts), and emailing/tweeting Sprint, I finally heard back from someone today who did more than read me a script. The full contested amount was adjusted off the bill "as a one time courtesy" today. 😁 👍
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