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  1. Same experience here, I am lucky that I live in a relatively good Sprint market. It's not blazing fast, but it works everywhere I need it to - including when I travel. Anything Sprint offers to existing customers is just gravy for me as long as they continue to provide the best network for my needs.
  2. Sad that Sprint is the only carrier making these bonuses new customer only. All they really need to do is make Premium Streaming free for everyone. I don't need the extra 5GB of Hotspot, but I hate the throttling of video and audio streaming. If they have so much spectrum, it shouldn't be an issue to remove this restriction.
  3. As do I. I travel to the Caribbean on cruises on average 1-2x a year, and when you're in port for only a few hours it doesn't make sense to buy a local SIM. The slow and free global roaming Sprint provides is plenty to catch up on texts, check email, and even make FaceTime audio calls. It offers a lot of value for me.
  4. That is the same Unlimited Freedom plan they've had for months. Nothing new in response to the Verizon and T-Mobile changes. I guess Sprint is thinking they don't need to make a change? If only we could go back in time to those days.
  5. I do too, although he presided over a different era in wireless. He had the right idea, though. One plan for everyone: ED450 for single lines, ED1500 for multi-line accounts. More minute buckets if you needed them. Nobody ever went over because data and text were unlimited, and the only minutes that counted were landlines during the day. Understanding your bill was simple because it was the same every month. No reason to call in because you couldn't really change your plan - there was only one to pick, and since you never went over you never had to call in to explain a mysterious fee or charge
  6. It's only valuable for new customers and even then, only for a year. How many will churn out after their bill nearly doubles when the promo expires? All the other carriers pay off ETFs so that's not really a lock-in anymore. ED1500 customers who are facing a bill increase due to the death of 2 year agreements can switch to VZW or T-Mobile and keep unlimited with roughly the same monthly payment. Sprint has no answer for legacy customers in the face of these new offers.
  7. Yes, AT&T's UDP is a good deal with a FAN discount. But you have to have DirecTV or U-Verse TV service, which many people don't have or don't want. Remove that requirement and it will be a good deal.
  8. So is what we see here in RDU the best it's going to get? I'm not complaining -- I activated a VZW phone over the weekend and have better coverage with S than I do with VZW in the areas I live work and play -- but I hope I'm not being greedy by looking for more. What's upcoming in Sprint's improvements in the RDU area?
  9. Something is only worth what somebody else will pay.
  10. Read somewhere that these radio waves are blocked by the water vapor in the air, let alone things like windows in buildings.
  11. Or I'm wrong, or things have changed since I was involved with Sprint. Now I'm just a customer with SERO.
  12. As far as I am aware, EPRP accounts are not considered employee accounts. You don't get directed to Employee Care when you call in, you can buy phones anywhere, none of the other usual employee account rules apply. The rep probably just wanted to help you out is my guess.
  13. As far as I am aware, no. It's not supposed to be possible to give ANYONE Sero who doesn't already have it (or is eligible for it, like a separating Sprint employee). However, as I said, if you ask the right person and they know the correct SOC code or have a supervisor who knows the code, anything is possible. I've seen reps move up upgrade dates 12+ months. Anything within reason to retain the customer. And why not? They give new customers $650 per line to pay off ETFs, plus 50% off their bill to switch. Throwing an existing customer a bone is nothing compared to that. Things are onl
  14. SERO 500 is gone. I just moved my wife to SERO Unlimited yesterday because she kept going over the 500 anytime minute allotment from SERO 500, and the rep said if I move to Unlimited I can't go back. People that have SERO 500 (I have it on my other line) can keep it, but once you switch away from it you can't get it back. And if you don't have it now, you can't get it. At least, that's the official line. It's probably possible, provided you can find a rep that knows the necessary SOC codes.
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