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Found 3 results

  1. Technobuffalo had 3 articles testing different phones on T-Mobiles LTE network. Here is a summary of the speed differences: iPhone - Download: 32.32Mbps Upload: 13.57Mbps Note II - Download: 57.99Mbps Upload: 20.16Mbps HTC ONE - Download: 27Mbps Upload: 11.52MBps Why is a big difference between the HTC ONE and the Note II.? I don't know how many test were run, and if these are averages, but it doesn't look good for HTC to be the slowest.
  2. S III TO GET GALAXY NOTE II FEATURES LIKE SPLIT-SCREEN APPS IN NEW ‘PREMIUM SUITE’ UPDATE. Multi Window, Page Buddy Contextual Awareness http://bgr.com/2012/12/07/samsung-premium-suite-upgrade-galaxy-s-iii-note-ii-features/
  3. Hi all, I've been using a 3G BlackBerry for the past few months, and it's pretty boring. Sure BlackBerries are great phones (I love the keyboard and email/messaging capabilities the most), but the main reason I stick with it is the reception/antenna on the Galaxy Nexus made the phone nearly unusable, coupled with poor battery life. With the BlackBerry, although I get excellent reception, I do not feel as though I am getting my money's worth out of Sprint's plans. My apartment is in a marginal Sprint coverage zone, so I need a phone with a strong antenna to be usable. BlackBerries are famous for this; the Nexus failed. Airave is a non-starter because it has to be by a window (ugly) and my neighbor has an Airave already; I believe this is the reason I had problems before with my Airave. My phone would try to handshake between two Airaves and drop the call. I am unsure if there is a way to tell your phone to only connect to one Airave or not; I returned the device. I'm seriously considering buying a Note II soon; so my question is: to those that have used this phone for a while, what is the reception like in comparison to other phones you've used? My apartment gets 1-2 bars of 3G (sometimes dropping down to 1X) with my BlackBerry; with the Galaxy Nexus unless I was directly in front of a window the call would drop and calls would go directly to Voicemail. Thanks for any insight!
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