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  1. Even though this post is WAAAY old, I just wanted to point out that the Galaxy SIII HAS received the KitKat update (quite a while ago, actually) and some clever people have ported the S5's interface to rooted SIII's on KitKat. ;-)
  2. Monocle Bender! Sent from my SM-T320 using Forum Fiend v1.2.11.
  3. Sorry guys, but someone had to post it! This is from my Asus Nexus 7 running the Android L preview. Didn't customize it yet as I want to get to know the new Android... Sent from my Nexus 7 using Forum Fiend v1.2.8.
  4. MartialRanger23 rolled 5d5 and got: 11. Sent from my SGH-I527 using Forum Fiend
  5. So, according to this link— androidauthority.com/android-silver-retiring-nexus-374512/ —and many others, Google plans to kick the Nexus line to the curb and start up "Android Silver" —which is basically Google Play Edition with more +'s. According gto Android Authority, there will be minimal bloatware, and all bloated apps must be easily uninstalled without rooting the device. Also, Google will tell the manufacturers the specs that the device must have. There's more to read on their site, but what I wanted to ask is this: Do you think Google is ready to abandon the Nexus line and start Android Silver? Why or why not? As for myself, I have no idea. It doesn't seem likely but anything can happen in the phone world.
  6. Agreed. I had glitches galore on my GS3 and now even more with my Mega. I'm going with a red Nexus 5. I see my parents with their N5's and they have no issues. I have been so jealous for so long. I Chromecast with my Nexus 7 95% of the time, and it never overheats. But yeah, the fact that yours doesn't have the same problems as mine further enforces my belief that my phone is to blame. The screen gets warm, and sometimes the back door is hot. Pretty sure that is unintended...
  7. Yeah I don't really want to reset it, I had to do that on my GS3 and just wanted a new phone. I Have decided to sell the darned monstrosity for something nicer. Now I am debating: Nexus 5 or Nokia Lumia 1020. I had problem after problem with my GS3 and now it is the same with my Galaxy Mega. Time I stopped my Samsung loyalty and moved on to better brands. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the suggestions. I will keep this post bookmarked for future reference as this will almost definitely happen to me again.
  8. It could be a virus in the system apps, but I hope it isn't. I will look into CPU-Z and other apps, thanks for the suggestions! And no, it is completely unrooted with no real modifications. Any apps that messed with the system (alternate status bars, battery savers, TimePin, etc.) were removed when I saw issues.
  9. Okay, so my Samsung Galaxy Mega i9200 has been acting up lately and is getting to the point where it is unusable. The problem? It is so big that it overheats. A lot.I have tried putting it into Safe Mode and it still shuts off, so I am positive it is not an app or something stupid like that. About 3 out of every 4 times I put it in my pocket, when I take it out it has shut off and the screen is fairly hot. Obviously this doesn't make me happy because it takes about a full minute to turn back on. I have found that putting it in my pocket with the screen facing outwards keeps it from shutting down, but I hate doing that because it is (A) uncomfortable and ( not safe for my device. I do not really want to buy a new phone right now because the other 6"+ phones are fairly expensive. I have just bought a new case and am hoping that will fix my problem. Anyone have any suggestions if it doesn't? PS: Note owners, I realize your phone is better but I do not care. PPS: I know this is AT&T but Sprint doesn't have service in our area so blame them. There is a Sprint version of my phone, so let us pretend we are talking about that.
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