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  1. ' Isn't it funny!!! Bashing them? Do you mean in a neutral manner and completely unbiased? No one is bashing them. Quite funny when someone lives in Harrisburg and claims to be in Philly and do not even know about the status of Philly;s 3G. Odd isn't it.
  2. It is sad that many of these Sprint Employees do not know about 4G rollout plans, but myself a non-Sprint Employee knew a bit more.
  3. To be quite honest, you are a Sprint employee and S$GRU knew it. I knew about these sites last week and the signals were turn on for many of these site on Sunday. They are note quite to 4G speed yet, because the SouthWest and South Philadelphia 4G towers give below 1 MB down.
  4. To be honest, I was never pessimistic, I was simply telling what I was and gave my thoughts. I hypothesized it will take at least couple months to half a year on early January. It has since been two month. Like I have said, I was with Sprint, if you do not like it. Just get that hell out. This site is infiltated with lots of Sprint employees as far as I know, and like I said before it is marketing strategy.
  5. Not sure where you are getting the idea that I am aggressive and all. Seems like whenever someone has a problem you would simply say this or telling them to leave the site because it is your site. I have been reading a few of your own posts to S4GRU members, seems like you are a little more aggressive than I am.
  6. Just use your brain: there is no negativity and besides a sprint employee defending sprint!!! There is no issues with that. Hope that your boss will pay you a little more for doing so.
  7. Just saw some of my posts regarding "Boosted's comments" got deleted. Just what that hell, that guy must be related to Sprint or something. It is sad the comment that he made without using his brain is still there.
  8. http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/05/tech/mobile/samsung-galaxy-s-4-eyes/index.html?hpt=te_t1 The next Samsung Galaxy S phone will be an "eye phone." Hhahah. This is so ironic. LOL
  9. You will get banned by Sprint wouldn't you by tethering? I think a little tethering is fine but if you tether 24/7 and watch videos using the tethering function, frankly, what that hell.
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