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Samsung replacing faulty S3


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Probably simply replacing the memory chip from a different working phone will bring them back to life (tech in an S&R store here, it's not that difficult). We see it with the Nexus S as well occasionally, simply moving the NAND chip over from a harvested phone brings it back. I've never seen an S3 come in DOA like this though.


That being said I don't trust anything coming from XDA without a good amount of salt. I see a lot of stuff posted around there as fact that is just plain wrong and has been proven wrong on may occasions. I see things posted all the time in XDA about "huge issues" that I never see in our store (One of the top 20 stores in the country for customer volume).

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Looks like there is a fix coming from Samsung!!


"the problem is in a firmware bug that can be easily solved with a small update. The spokesperson confirmed that the issue has only been affecting “a very limited number of Galaxy S III models with 16GB memory"




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