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Other carriers' LTE rollout vendors...by region???

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I know Sprint is the only carrier where we have (to my knowledge) information about which vendor is handling what part of their network, but I'm curious as to whether Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have similarly regionalized their next-gen network deployments.


For reference, here's who's building out networks for the Big Four, plus C-Spire and MetroPCS (since we now who they're using to roll out LTE):


Verizon - Ericsson, AlcaLu, NSN

AT&T - Ericsson, AlcaLu

Sprint - Ericsson, AlcaLu, Samsung

T-Mobile - Ericsson, NSN

MetroPCS - Ericsson, Samsung

C-Spire - AlcaLu


AlcaLu = Alcatel-Lucent

NSN = Nokia Siemens Networks


...and yes, Ericsson is really busy rolling out LTE, it seems.

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I thought Verizon's LTE network used Ericsson and AlcaLu tower equipment, not NSN.


NSN was just providing core/switching components.


Did I have that wrong?

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T-Mobile is NSN for sure in Minnesota,Chicago, kansas, seattle for sure..

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