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  1. Dropping 2.5 sites in like they're hot! does that count?
  2. The bottom set of hexport ANTENNAS.. don't get yourself caught up calling them panels..
  3. Wow, that's nice of them to give dispatch a heads up we just start calling and ask if they are busy. shouldn't be an issue all those sectors should route to scott anyways the ones with issues are when you have a site that serves 2 counties
  4. if you pause and then right click it gives you an option to copy to this time... no sites needed
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=7FGKLwDrJkc#t=7s
  6. Sprint is not samsungs first us deployment. . Clearwire has lots of samsung gear deployed. .
  7. I forget about that sprint tower in the crane repair place, I was at the site south of Canterbury two weeks ago and the tower stuff hadn't been started the base station has been done since x-mas or earlier
  8. Coming from the savage tower.. aka the same wimax tower that serves that area.
  9. It's not "launched" yet so they could give a fsk about uptime..
  10. Well, don't try and call him out for trying to be polite..
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