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  1. I'm going with it's to keep the stress off the glass in a drop situation.
  2. Dropping 2.5 sites in like they're hot! does that count?
  3. Whoever rigged that antenna and sent it up was a complete greenhand/tool.. Channny's are the TH's #1 tool on the tower No non autolocking beaners I didn't see anyone playing rough with the jumpers..( they are pretty tough if you know what you're doing)
  4. Fyi remote techs who don't work in overlapping coverage areas wouldn't have service if the primary carrier they worked for, site was down and they where say working on it... so...it's advantageous to have another carrier's phone in your truck.. just saying...
  5. I pay a national carrier for the ability to roam.... jumping through hoops is not in my contract
  6. I see people still think they put cellular towers up all willy nilly.. your going to need about 250k for the tower alone
  7. I'll try the data trick if I have more issues ( this is complete bullshit )
  8. I'm more worried about planet X those lizard men worry me...
  9. I've set up the CALEA monitoring in a few markets . I'm honestly surprised the term has not been brought up in the media/congressional hearings
  10. ooh, it gives me a dialtone.. my phone has no touchtone.
  11. Rural sites don't get jammed up let alone in the middle of the night.. Possible, my phone is constantly updating something i'll try it if i have coverage issues tonight. that may cause issues with my secondary trigger, voice mails coming in. Who knows, I'm pretty sure most of the time I roam off the US Cellular tower I'm working on. ( multiples each night) but, sometimes the signal is too low to be the same tower so there must be some sort of roam priority, can't say any one of them gives me my incoming.
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