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Apple iPhone SE 2020 buy Sprint or T-Mobile version?

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I have Sprint and still on the framily plan if you can believe that. I am thinking about the new SE because its cheap mostly.

For now should I get a Sprint phone or the T-Mobile version and just run it on Sprint? Current coverage here is spotty. If I go to my favorite Taco Bell I get 2 bars of strength but I can't even use the app to order until I drive a block north. I worried about included bands working now and some becoming obsolete in the future.

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    • By EntrepreneurKid
      With Todays announcement that T-Mobile and Sprint are merging, and the announcement of the T-Mobile Sprint Roaming deal that will survive and will last for four years regardless if the merger is completed or not, which is effect immediately as stated in the conference call and the slides made available. So I thought I'd create this to see if anyone has been able to use their Sprint device on T-Mobile roaming yet. And of course if not, once you do, come back here and say you have. Personally I'm not bothering with anything until after the coverage map is updated again, hopefully to reflect the T-Mobile roaming. And of course if you are able to roam onto T-Mobile what kind of speeds are you pulling, and on what device.
      Also for those that are unaware, the T-Mobile Sprint Roaming agreement that was announced as part of todays merger announcement is a roaming agreement for Sprint customers to roam onto T-Mobile for 4 years and takes affect immediately, yes right now, regardless if the merger completes or not. Surely it's a stepping stone to integrating the networks by getting Sprint devices that are capable, which according to the conference call is 20 Million Sprint devices ready to be used on the T-Mobile network full time once deal is approved by the regulators and finally completed.
    • By topdownat4
      Had not seen a thread for this yet, 
      I see some definite consumer advantages with Sprint's Network combined with TMob and Wi-fi.
      I have had many Nexus devices and I love my Nexus 6, although it is a bit big.
      The price is good for the service. ($20 / unl talk/txt, $10/gb)
      I hope the technical aspects work as they propose. I am a Google Voice Number user and love the "Any device" call capability and use it on my Tablet, Chromebook and phone. I rarely actually answer my Phone at the house. Answer the tablet or Chromebook.....
      I love Sprint's network, the upgrades they are putting forth and this Site, but if Project Fi works as advertised, it might lure me to sign on.....
      What are everyone's thoughts?
    • By BlackBerryRulez
      (To moderators) Please move this thread if you think it fits better in another category. Thanks.
      So I noticed Sprint recently deployed B25 at the tower near(ish) my house (located in Northern Virginia). I'm picking up B25 intermittently on the top level and outside. Even without B25, I am satisfied with the quality of service in my area.
      The one thing I wish Sprint could do is stay more up to date with the new BlackBerry phones. I like my Q10 but am bummed they never released the Z10 or Z30. There has been a tweet or two from Mr. Claure hinting there may be a new Sprint-BlackBerry release coming. This could be referring to the Classic or upcoming Leap, but it's anyone's guess at this point. Sprint has been pretty cautious in recent years about releasing BlackBerry phones. I'm not sure if that is going to continue now and into the future.
      T-Mobile is in talks with BlackBerry about selling their phones again. Even without this, there is the ability to bring an unlocked phone to TMO because they are a GSM carrier.
      So, I bought a used Z10 off of eBay last night. I'm going to purchase a prepaid plan and try the service for a month. But, I'm expecting TMO's service to be satisfactory as well.. I have a tablet that can connect to TMO's network and the service is pretty good overall.
      What should I do? In your opinion, is there advantage to one carrier or the other?
      I'm going to also post this on CrackBerry. Perhaps this post would be somewhat more relevant there.
    • By KD8JBF
      Sprint will guarantee $200 per mobile device trade and up to $350 per line of ETF/Installment payments per line. Shifting towards competing more and more against T-Mobile:
    • By CriticalityEvent
      Thoughts? From what I've read on this forum, people seem to think that T-Mobile's network is the only one of the four major carriers that will really rival Sprint's post-NV network in terms of technology.
      However, I have some issues with this article; what it seems to be focusing on is maximum throughput as a standard by which to judge all other carriers. From my point of view, T-Mobile seems to be more metro-focused. Most of my friends who have it live in a major city and get usable signal in many more places than I do when I’m with them. On the other side of the coin, when they’re in a more suburban/rural area, they drop down to EDGE while I might still have LTE.
      I guess I would like to see some hard evidence that T-Mobile’s HSPA+ “fallback” will be used as frequently as Sprint’s EV-DO network when the LTE signal starts getting weak. As far as I understand, T-Mobile will only be rolling out LTE on the 1700/2100MHz band, which would be comparable to Sprint’s 1900MHz band. However, once Sprint rolls out LTE on 800MHz, even if it will not be on every tower, would that be comparable to T-Mobile’s HSPA+ in terms of coverage?
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    • A ton of them are from Extenet which afaik is Verizon's primary small cell partner here. I also see a bunch for Mobilitie which was Sprint's primary partner and Crown Castle which is T-Mobile's primary partner. I wonder if T-Mobile plans on contracting both for small cells going forward. If so, that's a lot of combined potential small cells, though still less than Extenet. By far the least are New Cingular which is likely AT&T. The wildcard is Transit Wireless who seems to be branching out of the subway system and is deploying quite a few new sites.
    • NYC DOITT database was updated about a month ago. Imported all the new oDAS node locations into my map. Haven't yet spotted anything with the new design in my travels through Williamsburg & Bushwick. Almost 1400 newly proposed nodes (since 3/5/21) is pretty incredible, though. Made my way up to Harlem and City College this past week. The site (eNB 55893) covering the north side of the campus STILL hasn't been upgraded from B2/B66 (dual APX16s). Pulled ~70Mb/s down on what is essentially an empty campus. Wish I knew what the deal is with that site. I almost wonder if it might be easier to work with the school and keep the Sprint site on top of the engineering building (Steinman Hall, across the street from their current site), instead.
    • Just saw this permit for a very rural area:  https://permitsearch.mybuildingpermit.com/PermitDetails/21110744CBP/Snohomish County It sure looks like a T-Mobile site number (SE01794A) and mentions "ADD 2 ABIL FOR N1900 N2100" First time I have seen a permit mention n1900 or n2100 (would this be n2/n25 and n66?). In fact, I searched all of the major locals on that site and not a single other permit mentions n1900 or n2100 (and none mention n2 or n66).
    • Just saw this permit:  https://permitsearch.mybuildingpermit.com/PermitDetails/21110744CBP/Snohomish County It sure looks like a T-Mobile site number (SE01794A) and mentions "ADD 2 ABIL FOR N1900 N2100" First time I have seen a permit mention n1900 or n2100 (would this be n2 and n66?).
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