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[ROM]CleanROM DE by Newboyx


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  • This ROM is a continuation of the CleanROM franchise originally created by Scrosler (Optimus S, Evo 4G, Evo 3D, HTC Rezound, AT&T HTC One X, and a new tablet every week)
  • CleanROMs will be made for the Evo 4G LTE by Benny3 (BE) and Newboyx (DE) with the permission and guidance of Scrosler
  • This ROM is targeted to the towards the user that wants a taste of AOSP with a Sense twist.
  • CleanROM DE is an all inclusive ROM designed with you in mind!
  • It's designed to be as close to AOSP looking as possible while still retaining full functionality and a few of the benifits of Sense





  • Deodexed
  • Bloatware Removed (I mean a ton of bloatware!)
  • EQS (with super cool ICS blue toggles thanks to benny3)
  • APM
  • Build Prop Tweaks
  • Sdcard Tweaks
  • Memory Tweaks
  • Apex Launcher
  • Camera button wakes phone
  • Camera Mods ( Shutter Sound,HDR/Panorama)
  • AOSP Clock
  • AOSP Calendar
  • AOSP Email
  • AOSP Browser
  • AOSP Calculator
  • AOSP Lockscreen
  • ICS themed status bar (thanks Tiffany84)
  • Evo LTE OC app
  • ES File Explorer
  • JellyBean Wallpaper
  • Holo Locker (this is the genius app that allows the caller ID to show through on the AOSP lockscreen on Sense based ROMs) thanks mobint!
  • Wifi Tether
  • Launch Voice Search by half pressing the camera button
  • Remapped button layout. Long press home for "Multitasking"
  • and more!



  • Must have custom recovery installed with unlocked bootloader!
  • Copy ROM to storage
  • Reboot to Recovery
  • You must do a data / Factory Reset in Recovery!
  • Install ROM
  • Reboot to System
  • Enjoy awesomeness!
  • You must be on the 1.22 firmware!
  • Just an FYI: I built and tested this s-off with the latest firmware installed. It has not been tested on any other combo. Feel free to chime in if it works great on a different set-up.




I could not have did this alone and I want to give special thanks to all who contibuted knowingly or unknowingly

  • Scott aka. scrosler
  • Benny3
  • freeza
  • SteelH
  • Rydah805
  • one_love_420
  • regaw_leinad
  • smw6180
  • jeffsanace
  • aamikam
  • Tiffany84
  • The whole Team at Unlimited.io for s-off







Tapatalk Users can download HERE

You must set your Mobile Browser set to desktop view!


*A note about the Downloads page:

There are a few different ROMs available on the Evo 4G LTE page. This ROM is "DE". There is also "BE" which is a very similar ROM but it has much more Sense remaining. They are both built on the same base.


I will be following this thread to provide any help if it is needed. I am also available at the following sites if you would rather not post here for ROM support

http://www.scottsrom...107-CleanROM-DE (I am a moderator here)

and http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1784657

My user name is the same on both sites.


Feel free to post any feedback here or any of the other sites.

Edited by newboyx
Authorized by S4GRU - Robert
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The ROM has been updated. It seems that I have lost the ability to edit posts...

Changes in Version 1.1

Signal Bars now in ICS blue

3G Data now in ICS blue

1x Data now in ICS blue

AOSP Phone icon

AOSP Message icon

AOSP People/Contacts icon

AOSP Camera icon

Battery %

Removed SetCPU (it is available in the market)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Changelog 1.4

All data setting are off by default. You will need to turn them on if you want to set everything up. This includes Mobile Data, wifi, and NFC. I will have this fixed in a future update, I just ran out of time on my mini vacation.


Working 1% battery!

Fixed Kindle app books not opening

It is now easier to set a default keyboard in settings

AOSP settings menu! (thanks to Art2Fly for this!)

Google Now (as always mikeyxda is the man!)

Thanks to t.o.m. for showing me the build.prop edit to remove the extra menu icon (we have a menu button, it was kind of pointless)

Jelly Bean Fonts

New boot and down animations by Team Clean contributer e.t.heil! You should really check out his work http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1706861

Some other stuff, but I don't really remember (I should write this stuff down)

There are a few things that we tested that were not quite ready for prime time, but they will be soon.

Thanks to my testers





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