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  1. leozno1

    HTC U 12+

    Hey if the Merger goes through, you're T-Mobile U12+ would eventually run on "Sprint's" network in a few years. All jokes aside, I was really looking forward to getting this one but lack of availability on Sprint put a block on that plan. My next alternative was to switch to T-Mo but in order for T-Mobile to pay off the remaining balance on my U11, I need to finance the phone through T-Mobile channels of which the U12+ is not available through. The U12+ also not supporting Band 71 also makes me want to pass on it. So I was then considering the One Plus 6 which does have Band 71 but is in the same situation where it's not available from T-Mobile so they wouldn't pay off the balance on my Sprint U11. So that leaves me here really wanting to take advantage of T-Mo's Buy One Get One deal on the S9+ for my wife and I so we can get my U11 paid off and also get a B71 capable devices on T-Mobile.
  2. This past Saturday night I went to TGI Fridays in Park City Mall in Lancaster, and I saw that my SignalCheck Pro was reporting that I was connected to B41MM which I've never seen before. I ran a quick speed test and got these results, by FAR the best speeds I've gotten in South Central PA.
  3. leozno1

    HTC U11

    So what exactly did you guys do to fix it? I got the email about a week and a half ago telling me it was wrong, so I went in and re-entered the MEID. And I just got another email today saying "Your MEID number is either, corrupted due to a form error, not enough numbers (must have 18 numbers), or your number is a duplicate." I'm gonna put the number in again but if I don't get to redeem these Dots because of this error, I'm gonna be rather upset.
  4. leozno1

    HTC U11

    So wait, buying the U11 unlocked from HTC.com will actually work just fine on Sprint then?
  5. leozno1

    HTC U11

    Under certain circumstances you can get a better deal. But new customers have to pay $29/month for the U11 or $696 full price, which is actually more than what it costs to get it directly from HTC. I guess there is some work done behind the scenes to make this Sprint's first Gigabit LTE device and add HPUE support, so maybe it's not just a regular ol HTC U11 from HTC.com. That's the only reason I can come up with for why they seem to take longer to add a color to Sprint's lineup.
  6. leozno1

    HTC U11

    What I wanna know is what benefit was there for Sprint being the Exclusive carrier partner for the U11 if we end up getting screwed out of all the best colorways for the phone?? Can't get Solar Red or Amazing Silver.
  7. Just saw that Sprint has permanently dropped the price of the HTC 10 to $10/month or $240 full price!
  8. leozno1

    HTC U11

    Well I knew that, I just assumed that the increased transmit power would result in improved signal strength. I guess if that isn't the catalyst to the improved signal strength I'm seeing, then we can thank the new Qualcomm radio and glass body instead of aluminum.
  9. leozno1

    HTC U11

    I haven't done any scientific testing or have specific numbers to share but I've noticed a significant increase in range from my home WiFi. Same router and configuration but this phone stays connected much further than my HTC 10. And with HPUE, in my room I see B41 signals around -96 when I wouldn't get anything under -104 on the HTC 10.
  10. leozno1

    HTC U11

    I havent looked into the XZ Premium much so pardon my ignorance but what benefit is there to having that phone with that Sony TV? I'm assuming Sony included some features that are exclusive to their ecosystem?
  11. leozno1

    HTC U11

    Thanks! I was looking for it yesterday but I guess since the phone wasn't officially released the site wasn't live yet.
  12. leozno1

    HTC U11

    First of all this phone is FAST. I know we all say that when you have a new phone. But the UFS 2.1 Storage in this phone is like having a M.2 SSD in your PC. The speed at which this thing just chewed through downloading and installing all my apps upon setup was pretty impressive. Signal strength seems improved compared to my HTC 10. Even my 5 Ghz WiFi at home stays connected a good bit further away within my house. I've yet to go through a full day yet so I can't speak on battery life yet but I see less of a decline in power consumption when I'm actually using the phone compared to my 10. Display is bright and is easily visible in direct sunlight - again something that's a bit of an issue with the HTC 10. Camera is crazy good. Launches focuses and shoots photos very rapidly. Edge sense is not bad when you set it to the correct pressure sensitivity. It works pretty well and is not clunky or annoying when sent to a low enough sensitivity that you don't have to death grip the thing to trigger it but not so low that basic interactions set it off. When you have it set up right it works well and is a nice way to make some quick shortcuts, especially since Google Assistant has replaced Google now when holding the home button. So now I have it set so that a squeeze and hold launches Google Now. Lack of headphone jack is suuuuper annoying. At work I would quickly switch from having headphones plugged into my speakers to plugging it into my phone when I wanted to play an Instagram video or listen to something on the phone. Now for me to do so I have to carry the dongle with me. Another thing is that you can no longer turn boomsound on or off when using the dongle or set custom audio profile for different headphones.
  13. leozno1

    HTC U11

    Alright I just checked the tracking info today and it now says that it's on the Vehicle out for deliver today. A whole 2 days early! I'm hype!
  14. leozno1

    HTC U11

    Yeah I went with Sapphire Blue as well. I'm just hoping it's not super ostentatious because I actually prefer the subtle blue tint in the Amazing silver version. Are you guys planning on rocking it naked, using the included clear case or getting an aftermarket case for it?
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