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Found 9 results

  1. So, everyone wonders why android 4.0 is such a vast improvement over 2.3 gingerbread. Well, ill run everyone through why i think it is better. Performance: Gingerbread is and can be pretty snappy on some devices, but with gingerbread being a much larger operating system, more RAM and disk space is needed to store all the features and files that are in the operating system, which drastically slows down the execution of programs, as well as hindering the speeds of the device, depending on the hardware. Ice cream is a bit smaller in size for devices, which allows more memory to be available to the system, as well as allowing more RAM, and better RAM management for the said device. Productivity: Ice cream is just more functional than gingerbread is. With speed enhancements, GPU Acceleration, and better battery optimizations, Ice cream sandwitch is just a much more flavorful topping to the devices that are already sweet! I will finish the rest of this thread later, my time is limited at the moment. For now, comment away!
  2. Since all the issues the EVO has been having, is it still a recommended phone?
  3. http://www.phonearena.com/news/Sprints-Galaxy-S-II-Epic-4G-Touch-to-get-ICS-on-July-12_id32141 Supposedly the Galaxy S2's on Sprint will be getting the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade starting tomorrow (roll out by the 20th). Get to play with it on my wife's phone at least!
  4. When my browser (default or Chrome) downloads a file it places it in mnt/sdcard/Download. When I hook my phone (HTC Evo LTE) to my computer via USB I can only view files and folders that are located at mnt/sdcard/ext_sd. There doesn't appear to be any way in the default browser settings or in Chrome to change the location of downloads. Do any of you know how I can go about changing that location or making files and folders that are in mnt/sdcard/ viewable from my PC? I am not rooted and if I have to root just to gain this functionality then I'll do without it. I just don't want to root my phone at this time.
  5. *****WIPE DATA FOR GOOGLE WALLET BEFORE FLASHING THIS OR ANY ROM**** PLEASE DO A FULL WIPE AND USE THIS BEFORE FLASHING This ROM is a continuation of the CleanROM franchise originally created by Scrosler (Optimus S, Evo 4G, Evo 3D, HTC Rezound, AT&T HTC One X, and a new tablet every week) CleanROMs will be made for the Evo 4G LTE by Benny3 (BE) and Newboyx (DE) with the permission and guidance of Scrosler This ROM is targeted to the towards the user that wants a taste of AOSP with a Sense twist. CleanROM DE is an all inclusive ROM designed with you in mind! It's designed to be as close to AOSP looking as possible while still retaining full functionality and a few of the benifits of Sense Deodexed Bloatware Removed (I mean a ton of bloatware!) EQS (with super cool ICS blue toggles thanks to benny3) APM Build Prop Tweaks Sdcard Tweaks Memory Tweaks Apex Launcher Camera button wakes phone Camera Mods ( Shutter Sound,HDR/Panorama) AOSP Clock AOSP Calendar AOSP Email AOSP Browser AOSP Calculator AOSP Lockscreen ICS themed status bar (thanks Tiffany84) Evo LTE OC app ES File Explorer JellyBean Wallpaper Holo Locker (this is the genius app that allows the caller ID to show through on the AOSP lockscreen on Sense based ROMs) thanks mobint! Wifi Tether Launch Voice Search by half pressing the camera button Remapped button layout. Long press home for "Multitasking" and more! Must have custom recovery installed with unlocked bootloader! Copy ROM to storage Reboot to Recovery You must do a data / Factory Reset in Recovery! Install ROM Reboot to System Enjoy awesomeness! You must be on the 1.22 firmware! Just an FYI: I built and tested this s-off with the latest firmware installed. It has not been tested on any other combo. Feel free to chime in if it works great on a different set-up. I could not have did this alone and I want to give special thanks to all who contibuted knowingly or unknowingly Scott aka. scrosler Benny3 freeza SteelH Rydah805 one_love_420 regaw_leinad smw6180 jeffsanace aamikam Tiffany84 The whole Team at Unlimited.io for s-off 83fc703a4bfbb36de5ea6cc3c999b8ca Tapatalk Users can download HERE You must set your Mobile Browser set to desktop view! *A note about the Downloads page: There are a few different ROMs available on the Evo 4G LTE page. This ROM is "DE". There is also "BE" which is a very similar ROM but it has much more Sense remaining. They are both built on the same base. I will be following this thread to provide any help if it is needed. I am also available at the following sites if you would rather not post here for ROM support http://www.scottsrom...107-CleanROM-DE (I am a moderator here) and http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1784657 My user name is the same on both sites. Feel free to post any feedback here or any of the other sites.
  6. I recently got the ICS on my Galaxy SII from Sprint and all the battery is now draining fast! I used to love it because it lasted so much longer than the EVO that I had before but now something is wrong..is anyone else having this issue?? I love the new ICS update but its killing my battery life.
  7. Looks like a mid-range Galaxy device is headed to Sprint called the Galaxy Reverb. Probably has LTE. A pretty unexciting device, seems to have lower specs than even the LG Viper. http://www.theverge.com/2012/7/23/3177890/samsung-galaxy-reverb-sprint-leak
  8. Is there a way on the HTC EVO LTE to lock the volume so it cah't be changed when the phone is locked? I can't stand it when I change the volume without realizing it while the phone is locked. Most of the time it is to silent and I don't realize I'm getting a call.
  9. Danny Bullard Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Thursday, March 22, 2012 - 2:45 PM MDT I'm sure you've seen some of the latest leaks of the Galaxy S-III. Some are obviously fake and already proven so, but might this leak be the real deal? The good folks over at PhoneArena received were tipped with a picture of a button-less Samsung device running Google's Ice Cream Sandwich. By looking at the picture, the screen looks big, 4.6" big like some of the latest GS-III rumors have suggested. Another interesting thing is that the Samsung logo has moved underneath the screen. While this shouldn't really mean anything, this makes it different from the rest of the Galaxy S line. PhoneArena suggests this may be the Galaxy B. So only time will tell. If this is the Galaxy S3, would you be first in line for one? Sound off in the comments. Photo courtesy of PhoneArena. Source: PhoneArena
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