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What's interesting to me is that the Sprint rep said in the video they will be making announcements about San Antonio (and I'm assuming their first launch cities) next week.


Maybe this will be the mysterious text that was supposed to come a couple weeks ago.


Maybe the OTA fix for the EVO LTE connection issues is just around the corner.



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    • By latinoboi30
      If anyone here is in the Houston Texas area, are you or have u gotten any 4g lte connections around town and if so where about?
      If not, does anyone have any info as to when lte will go live in the city
    • By Bulls729
      Specifically Metro West area, seeing some really good EVDO numbers. 2.00+ down ~0.6-1.1 up. Sitting at home.
      Tower info: Operator 310 05116 NID: 27 BID: 4419 Signal: -88dBm

      Current phone: HTC EVO 4G LTE, PRI 2.45_003, BB, PRL 12124 MeanROM 3.0
    • By iansltx
      CricKet now has a reasonable amount of LTE, up significantly from the two cities that they had before (Las Vegas and Tucson):
      They have a version of the LG Connect 4G (they call it the Optimus Regard) and will have the GSIII soon.
      Data cards aren't yet available in the new markets, but tethering on a phone is available. As usual, all plans include unlimited everything-except-data; data speeds are throttled past 2GB, 5GB or 10GB, depending on whether you get the $50, $60 or $70 plans, and tethering is allowed on $60 and $70 options.
      Now if only CricKet had an inside source that provided information similar to what S4GRU has for Sprint...then I could figure out just how overblown CricKet's coverage maps are (I'm right on the edge of LTE coverage here, according to their map)...
    • By rwhittaker13
      Hey guys, figured id post something i found quite interesting about sprint. As you all know, sprint is in the process of a major network overhaul plan known as network vision. The usual deployment strategy of U.S carriers is to target the bigger and more highly populated markets where the base of the subscribers will be at. Sprint has done things a little different. It seems sprint is more focused on rural areas than the bigger U.S markets. Yes sprint has been lighting LTE up in bigger markets such as New York, and Indianapolis, IN. But at the same time, sprint has deployed LTE in smaller surrounding markets near the bigger sites. Usually the carriers focus on the bigger markets first, then the smaller markets last, but sprint seems to have all parties in mind on this one. Honestly, i like the way sprint is rolling out LTE, because people in more rural areas are anticipating LTE just as much as the people in more well known markets.
    • By jonathanm1978
      So, I live in central Alabama...I'm probably somewhere around half the distance between Birmingham, and Montgomery...two cities that I'm SURE will get 4G due to their size and population..but as for my area, I can't really say.
      I live on the south end of the county, but twice a year the north end of the county becomes the 2nd largest population-wise due to the Nascar track...(for those still wondering, I live near Talladega Superspeedway, but this is still a good 20 miles from me on the opposite end of the county)...
      I don't know if they'll light-up this county due to it's affiliation with Nascar or not, and if they do, then it probably STILL won't affect me because of my distance from the track (zip = 35150).
      With 4G being more than likely destined to come to Bham and Mont...I guess we'll have to deal with 3G Advanced here??
      Question is, what exactly is the 3G advanced..and does this advanced 3G mean that eventually 4G will be present?
      I thought they said that every that was within a Sprint 3G area right now would be getting a 4G signal when they finish the roll-out/deployment...or am I wrong in that?
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